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Drift ([personal profile] weapabilities) wrote in [community profile] maskormenace2014-09-09 08:28 pm

[Video] - 01

[ A very lanky man with messy white hair appears, raking some of the strands away from his face in agitation, only to have them fall back into place. ]

I'm going to start by saying that the displacement of my natural body is severely upsetting my energies. I hate to be "that mech", but I honestly don't know how much more of this I can tolerate. My chakras are in disarray, I itch everywhere, I keep forgetting that breathing is a thing that needs to happen, and the apartment lobby won't even allow me to offer the service of optimizing the energy flow through the building! I'm just feeling a lot of aggression here and quite honestly I'm catching a lot of very uncomfortable vibes. Outside of being physically uncomfortable that is.

[ He pushes his hair back again, fussing, attempting to tuck it behind his ear to no avail. He dismisses it again in favor of continuing. ]

That does bring me to the point that my swords are still missing. I realize at this point? Wielding them isn't realistic, what with being a fraction of my regular size. Yes, sure, I get that, but I still like to have them. They're important. So if anyone happens to see any outstandingly large swords around, chances are they're mine. I'd appreciate if you contacted me. I can't offer much as a reward. Perhaps I could offer to lead you through a meditation session? Or cleanse your focal energy passages? Anyways, the point being, swords. Big ones.

[ He gestures, as to the size of the blades. Yes, very big. Like he was telling a big fish story or something. His hair falls back in his face and he huffs at it, growing increasingly more irritated as he attempts to arrange it again. ]

Also could someone lend me something to tie this back? Or better yet, something I can use to shave this all off? I can't stand all this fur!

[ Relenting, he shuts off the feed, and the audio cuts out mid-sigh. ]

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