May. 13th, 2014

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May. 13th, 2014 09:46 am
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Completely normal, average native to your planet, Earth [ That's nonthreatening, right? ] asking for recommendations on television shows. I like medical dramas. Anything with classic 'handsome human male meets beautiful human female and proceed to deny romantic feelings over nine seasons' will receive priority.

I also need someone to pick up the three television screens I ordered online. They won't deliver to an 'unknown address'. Money's not a problem, I can pay.

[ So what if everyone else is concerned with other things? Thundercracker certainly doesn't care. ]


May. 13th, 2014 10:41 am
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[Anyone who has run into Lucifer in person lately will be pleased to see that his clothes are blood free. He is spotlessly clean today, though a little tired.]

Some of you seem to think that leaving me angry messages will make me own up to various acts of vandalism that I had no part in. As for sharks, well. Why mess with nature?

[Aka: it wasn't him, and no he is not replying to any of those voice messages.]

If it makes you all feel better, that town over in Illinois was the last. Someone pass the news on to Fox that this isn't the apocalypse after all.

[ooc: this is it! Lucifer is heading underground for a week to prepare for: his exciting plot finale! That means no more killing this week, and next weekend A WHOLE TON OF MONSTERS 8D

There is still time to plot, so go go go!]
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[A teenage girl with brown hair and a bright blue top hat fiddles with her communicator, pursing her lips this way and that as she adjusts the video. Once it finally seems to be working, she sets it down on the desk in front of her.]

I gotta say. That "porter" thing is a pretty neat trick. One minute I'm in L.A., then ta-da! Florida! I didn't even raise my hand to volunteer!

[Thoughtfully, she toys with the curl of hair alongside her face.]

Though you know, it's sort of irresponsible to just bring people places without asking like that. I've got a show to do tonight and all my fans are going to be disappointed when I don't show up.

I guess it is nice of them to get me a gig here too, though. I hope there's a demand for magicians.

[She hesitates a moment, then clears her throat.]

In any case! It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Trucy Wright, professional magician and CEO of the Wright Anything Agency. I'm available for consultation if you need a little magic in your life, or at your parties.

Oh, and could someone let me know if you see my dad around? His name is Phoenix Wright. He'll be really worried about me if I don't find him soon.

[Then, under her breath...]

I hope he's around.


May. 13th, 2014 12:45 pm
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[The silence of Matt's office on Tuesday morning was a relief for Kate. It gave her time to think, to sort out her thoughts, and try to figure out where to go next. Given everything (given Miami and Nonah), it's difficult to figure out where to begin. But she has to begin somewhere ... and provide at least one announcement of her own.]

Hi, it's Kate again. I guess you can all see that, and don't get me confused with our other fabulous Kate. I couldn't do red hair if I tried it, and I especially couldn't work it the way she does.

I wouldn't do this as a textual communication, but there are a few things of note to cover! From my perspective, one of these is self-interested, but the rest of it is hopefully of interest to you.

First, I've joined with Matt Murdock at his firm as a secretary. It's grueling work. Very grueling. I sharpen pencils at least three times a day. But if you missed his wonderful message, we're two unregistered individuals making it in this world, and we haven't received any penalty.
[The "yet" is typed and then backspaced. It's only typed and backspaced for her own benefit. She likes seeing it.]

The other half of my duties will be as a private detective. I intend to use the ability granted to me by the porter—psychometry—to advance my investigations, but only when needed. I'm offering my services to people here, but I'll be conducting my own investigations when they come up. Some of you can guess why. [She is still a superhero, anyway.]

The rest of the information is relevant to circumstances that have passed. Kanaya made a very good point, but I think we also need to be aware of the government's involvement in everything. I've been skirting around it, but I'll be more straight forward now.

1. Captain Holiday told me that the freedom and rights that we have offered to us are far more than we're supposed to be getting. We're lucky, and he's looking out for us. I'll grant him that, but that means there are people in the government who disagree with this decision, and if he was removed from his position, we'd be seeing a very different tune. I wouldn't be surprised if we are in certain areas.

2. However, Captain Holiday also lied to me when I asked about the porter. To clarify, he said they never had control over the porter, when evidence in this world's history books say something entirely different. While they had control over it before, they no longer do—or so he says. I don't know how much of his information is informed by our public communication, but he claims that Lachesis synced up with the porter prior to the first string of imPorts' arrivals. When that happened, they lost control of the porter.

These combined facts make me think they do lack control of the porter.

3. We're only given information on a need-to-know basis, but that's a given.

4. Attacks aside, I'm still left wondering why they want us to go to Mars. Go ahead with your conspiracy theories, because I've definitely thought of all of them. None of them are all that great.

5. The government does have a way to track us if we leave the country. I think we can all put two and two together on how much of our activity they can keep an eye on at any given moment.

6. There is a Homeland Security here because of the Cold War between ourselves and Russia.

I'm not saying that the government is behind the attacks. I think that wouldn't be very smart of them, and it'd be a risky decision. We imPorts aren't coming out looking rosy after them, because we look like a threat to their people. They could easily cut their ties to us if they wanted, and they haven't yet. I think that's something we have to consider as a future possibility, but no time soon.

That said, in reference to Kanaya's message, the government did have Eden East put on a great party for all of us, and there were several strange things that came out of that. The disease, the room that started to feel like it was fire, and the bird that attacked us all. That was a government sanctioned event, and not everything appeared to be a threat from an external source.

I do think we're in a position where we need to line up the acts to find answers, so this is the information I've found. I'm eager to welcome more information from all ends. I think we've all had very different experiences so far.

Thanks, and as always, feel free to ask questions.


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