May. 21st, 2014

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[ The screen illuminates what is either a normal-sized man or a decently large teenage boy, his expression serious, brows knit low over his blue eyes. They are a bit shadowed in a way usually indicative of poor sleep, though he otherwise looks very healthy, if not a bit sun-ravaged if the red stripes of skin across his nose and forehead are any indication. ]


[ He blinks, then lifts an arm to wave a little uncomfortably to the camera. He's very clearly unused to this kind of thing, and has to keep redirecting himself to look at the place where the camera is. ]

Listen, sorry if I ask any stupid questions, I'm still working this thing out. My name's Reiner, I know a bunch of you already, I think -- if I have it right about how this works. I still need more practice. [ Which draws out a sheepish but affable grin from him briefly, and an accompanying hand gesture that indicates that's part of what he's doing right now. ] So, I've been sort of curious about... ah. Motivation, I guess is what you'd call it. What's inspiring you? Everyone has something, like a person or a goal. What do you do, if it's not here?

You don't have to say it if it's personal or anything, I'm just wondering. It seems like it'd be harder.

[ He pauses, as if trying to remember if there was anything else -- then he snaps his fingers. ]

Oh yeah, one more thing. If a guy like this shows up-- [ He holds a hastily done drawing up. ] And if anyone runs into him before I do, can you make sure he doesn't dehydrate and pass out like an idiot?

Thanks. I'm done now.
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I've got to agree with the other person I saw on here that this file business? Very creepy. There's some stuff on this medical file that I know Fixit never had a chance to add. It's way too detailed for me to be comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I don't have a huge gaping hole in my chest, but kind of sketchy.

Actually, what I'm looking for is to know about this whole thing about working with the military. I've been down that road before and the results weren't exactly pretty. Still, I'm trying to keep an open mind about it since it's kind of nice to not be shot at by humans for a change, but I want to make an informed choice. Any help would be appreciated.

Other than that? Name's Bumblebee.


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