Jun. 7th, 2014


Jun. 7th, 2014 12:31 am
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Although I’ve been on Earth for several years, this is my first time visiting Florida, and so far I think it fails to live up to its hype. I have seen no alligators, no out of control students on spring break (or the required breaking of things), escaped exotic animals, giant mice, or the Man-Thing. Although there are plenty of flipflops, so at least I was not misled on that point.

Disappointment aside, in an effort to get into the Florida spirit I have uncovered several examples of what I believe to be native Florida and beach music. At least that’s the claim my research uncovered, in regards to Jimmy Buffett. I can sort of appreciate his aesthetic, I guess. He has a distinctive sound. Given that there is no tectonic activity anywhere along the Atlantic coast of Florida or in the Gulf, I am not sure where volcanoes came into anything, but I can see why if you lived on a tiny island you might take to drinking excessive amounts of margaritas, so I have decided to give it a pass for now.

However, it seems objectively obvious that the Beach Boys do it better. All the songs don't sound the same and feature something beyond what I assume is a midlife crisis based around drinking and wishing you could sit on a beach all day. Presume I am not wrong about what a mid-life crisis is. They actually celebrate a party beach spirit and attempt to actually vary tempo at times, which I did not realize would be so appreciated until I sat through someone's interpretation of Jimmy Buffet's Best Hits.

See attached short playlists for comparison.

While I finish going through their complete repertoire, I'm taking suggestions for new music. I've hit all the major artists in blues, country, current pop, rap, and R&B, and the beginnings and basics of classic rock, but primarily all produced by the United States and Britain. Suggestions for variety would be appreciated.

wasting away again.rar
1. Margaritaville
2. Fins
3. Boat Drinks
4. Volcano
5. Cheeseburger in Paradise

wouldn't it be nice.rar
1. Barbara Ann
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
3. Sufin' USA
4. Kokomo
5. Sail On Sailor

001 | Video

Jun. 7th, 2014 12:07 pm
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[The vid flickers on showing a polished wood backdrop and the sounds of conversation and the clink of glass on wood. A man slides into view, black jacket, a grey low v-neck shirt and a middle aged face shifted into an amused smile topped with scruffy ash blond hair. He opens his mouth and speaks in an accented voice that would sound english to most ears, but seems to have a faint french lilt.]

Now, clearly those in charge of this little reality don't seem to have thought everything through.... I mean, Substitute Elementary school teacher? Me?
Unless they're hoping for the mess that seems to be going on, which in that case, well bloody done. I'm sure the havoc will be a joy to whatever runs this universe.

[He pauses and takes a sip of scotch and musters a cheery smile.]

Now's hoping there's some actual entertainment to be had since I'm stuck here.
Anyone care to recommend somewhere... [His lifts his brows suggestively] fun?

1. Video

Jun. 7th, 2014 08:42 pm
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[ there is much to be said, and yet there is also so little. He wants to damn everyone but at the same time he doesn't want to give them such importance. However, Satan has decided he would not act, not yet. He would let things drag for a little while and strike when the time was right - but for now, he'd be the human boy he once was: Ryo Asuka.

So after he takes the desired form of said teenager, Ryo turns on the video feed and addresses the network. he is currently at Residency number 13 kitchen, if anyone knows the place ]

Since there are so many, I'm guessing nobody knows how to leave yet. Aha, after what I have seen and done, being kidnapped and sent to another world doesn't seem that crazy. A world that is thirty years ahead of my time, too. Great.

Anyway, few questions and please, serious answers only, I don't have any patience for bullshit, right now. Or ever.

[ Ryo, be nice, man. You are too grumpy ]

Does anyone know anything about demons or devilmen? Or has anyone heard of someone named Akira Fudou?

Also, I have no desire to take the idiotic job given; it's as if they grab jobs randomly and give them to us. I'm assuming ImPorts are allowed to take a less crappy job?

And finally, out of curiosity, why is anyone helping the war?

[ and that's it. he is going to turn this off without even saying goodbye ]


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