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May. 17th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Herodotus Antiques is hiring.

I've been running the place for two years now and have come to realise that I may need a little extra help. Business is doing well, but even I need the occasional time off. I want to maintain a professional reputation for my store and make sure that my loyal customers will not be affected. Hence, the need for someone to step in when I'm not around.

[There's a pause for emphasis. Bela clearly means business.]

Ideally, I'll need someone who is highly detailed orientated, has steady hands and good customer service experience. In addition to this, I would prefer to have someone who has an interest in antiques and keen to learn more about them, but this isn't a prerequisite. I promise to train the individual well and pass on my knowledge to them regardless. They would be well-paid for their work, but if necessary, I can negotiate a salary, depending on experience.

Any interested individuals will need to fill in a short application form for consideration. Interviews will be confirmed at a later date, provided on receipt of more than one application.

Should you have any burning questions please ask them here or direct them to my private contact

Thank you for your time.

[She places an attachment to the end of the message]

Application Form

Applicant Name:

City of residence:

Contact details:

Relevant experience (if any):

A brief overview of your career/experience to date (back home and here):

What kind of skills could you bring to this role?

Do you have an interest in antiques? (Optional)

{{ooc: Feel free to PM on Bela's account if you have questions OOC-ly. You can also use it as an IC contact for your character :)}}


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