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Hey, okay, so... question: if I'm understanding Kate Bishop's guide correctly, we're v2.0 of this and there was a separate world before this that Lachesis imported people to...and then moved them from? Right? Anyone with more info on that?

For that matter, any clue who's been here the longest?

And speaking of being here a long time, anyone know the rules and regulations of modifying one's apartment here? Specifically the Maurtia Falls Govt. Apartment Complex. I mean, I don't want to do anything drastic--just to be clear, definitely NOT talking about knocking out walls here--just a nice coat of paint and stuff. (Hermann: see attached file)

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i think it might be ruka?
kanaya's been around a long time too
aaand tony stark?

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"it is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

i believe this is the saying?


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infomodder: for real it's none of my business stop trying to make it my business plz & thank (but that's none of my business)

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Right. They call the one before this the City.

I don't see any problems redoing paint jobs, unless whoever else lives with you doesn't like it or it's poorly done.

[Will accidentally had one of the government houses in De Chima destroyed, if anyone gets pissy over a change in paint he will be floored. And then maybe pull up video of how much worse it could be.]

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I was also linked to this if you haven't seen it yet. Something of an extended guide, I haven't manage to read all of it quite yet.

What on Earth do you plan on painting?

[Not that he's not very interested. He'd outfit his entire apartment with that paint if he thought he'd get away with it]

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No one except your roomies are gonna care about an extra coat of paint.

Besides I'm pretty sure that most people only move out once they get ported out and at that point any landlord you've technically got will only be able to try and yell at the porter so you'll pretty much just get away with it


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[ Kaneki will be sending a link to this ]

This might help.

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What guide is this?

[Because that's new information right there]
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We've managed to find a few interesting compilations of world information.

And something of a source x


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ruka's been here like seven years
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man how long did that lizard take you

[wow shinji maybe you could actually read newt's post instead of commenting on the picture]

i haven't been to MF but i figure they got other things to worry about
if they bitch just pretend your superpower involves colour bleed or something what do they know
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Be nice to the tiny pissy British guy (not me, the blonde one.)
He's already been bothered by drunk people at 3am one before, he might not want it to happen again

[ Dorian's conveniently leaving out the part that HE was the one who bothered the tiny pissy British guy (Sark) at 3am ]
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[ whatever other people can answer actual questions BUT. ]

Ah, ASCII art...I haven't seen that in a while.

Cute lizard.
                         /  |
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          /    `. ". ) /' )
         Y       )( / /(,/
        ,|      /     )
       ( |     /     /
        " \_  (__   (__        
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The previous world was called The City. I think the general consensus among people was that it was an alternate version of New York City without the name and a few other differences.
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i think we're pretty free to decorate however the hell we want with respect to the property and...i guess any other tenants if there are those to consider.

but. WHY. would u paint nething BLACK? i mean black is always in style but for walls? arent u gonna feel closed in? and the room will look mega tiny. not good for impressing! but i get the feeling impressing isnt really your jam...

word to the wise: signing off with even a TEXT picture of a gross newt is GROSS dude -- thats not really ur name is it?

[And then nothing Josuke had to say was truly helpful.]
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holy shit thats cute!!!!

[ a useful contribution, she feels ]
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Quite a few of us all came in to this world around the same time a year and a half ago.

So quite a few of us have been HERE the longest.

Now if you're asking for the longest people who've been imported in this world, and the other, then it would be Ruka, Edward Nygma, myself, and Norman Osborn. And then a few other people following that, but top four sounds good.
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Just talk to Tony Stark. Even if he hasn't been here the longest, he's probably going to be the one most annoying about it.
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oh dude rad little lizard thing there
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I operated my business out of my government flat for a time, and no one raised any protests. We might be given a bit of leeway considering we didn't plan on taking up residence.

[He also has a hidden weapons cache in his that no one's found but HEY THE POINT REMAINS]
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the v1.0 world collapsed when lachesis' sister attacked it. lachesis brought the survivors here.

ruka's where i got most of the details from. it's out of date, but i've got some notes on what we figured out earlier. sent your doctor pal that thing too
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As far as I'm aware, it's the same as living in any other apartment. You could purchase your own place if you were so inclined.

I like the little lizard picture.
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i like your newt!!!!11!1!!!
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i mean i'm in a house so maybe the rules are different but i just renovated the whole garage and no one's said a thing so i don't think anyone cares

also sweet ascii art
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do the thing

do it. no regrets!!
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ascii art fuckin really
are we doing this
making it hapen
alright cool guess i can get on with that trend start signing all my texts like its 2005 and im talking about naruto furries on a proboards run by 12 year olds