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Video | Mark I

[The video pops on to a young Japanese woman with two blue streaks in her hair looking rather serious.]

Hello, my name is Mako. [She pauses here for a polite nod to the camera before continuing.]

I am looking to trade work for information. [Of course, if information is freely offered she would take it as well, but she would prefer to return some sort of favor to anyone who would take the time to answer her questions.]

I'm a skilled mechanic and I'll tackle any problem, small or large. [After all, it doesn't seem like there's anything as large as a Jaeger here. She has confidence in her skills.]

Thank you for considering my offer. [She bows to the camera this time before reaching out to turn off the feed.]
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Hello, Mako, my name is Qubit. You're a friend of Newt and Gottlieb, I take it?
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[Ehh technically being from the same place doesn't directly cause friendship? But that's just semantics, and he doesn't want to pick on her.]

I'm only recently acquainted with them, myself. They're certainly an interesting pair, aren't they? [Yeah he knows they'll see this, he just doesn't care.]

Anyway. Connecting the dots a bit here, do you work on Jaegers?
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[It's text he can't see that!! Gosh]

They've mentioned it in passing a few times. [Not to him directly, so much, he's just been reading a lot of their threads. It's not weird if it's for science, okay ⚆_⚆] It all sounds very impressive. You could call me something of a mechanic myself, but I can't say I've ever worked with anything on quite that scale.
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[afjdsklafj dammit Newt, already?!]

Yes, you are correct that he mentioned it. Although, had we talked about it, I'm sure I would have told him to keep that quiet.
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Please do! I'd love to know how "HEY I can totally keep this to myself, ok" translates to "but I won't."
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Hey, I totally did keep it to myself. And I thought she'd keep it to herself!! I linked her to your Mirrornet thing and she sort of ASKED me if you were building a porter and OK, yeah, I kind of fucked up and I should have said no, but she's Mako and I don't know how to lie anyway and it's MAKO

She could help?

Can we delete comments? Teleport back in time? Do over?
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I never asked you to lie, Newton, I've been assuming you're smart enough not to have to. Don't prove me wrong on that.

Can she help? You'd know better than I would. She's in on it now, one way or another.
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It wasn't intelligence that screwed up here. I was trying to help her with information and I realize now I should have prefaced that with "don't pass this on" or just not linked her, but she's from our world, I thought I could help--

She most definitely CAN help us. Mako helped rebuild and upgrade Jaegers, she's a great tech and mechanic-- I think she'll be an asset and I'm sorry, man.

I screwed up.

If there's something you want me to do to make it up to you, I will.
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[There's a couple minutes before he responds. His post is public, and it's not exactly subtle. He sort of danced around outright saying he was building his own Porter, to avoid the kind of spectacle you get from sharing too much information with people who wouldn't understand it. But the dots are there to connect.]

Did you actually tell her, or did she figure it out on her own?
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Well... She asked about being ported in and out--and I figured she'd want to know more about the porters anyway, so I linked her to your mirror thing.

Mako's a bright girl--she kind of put two and two together from there and then asked me if you were building a porter--which, like I said, I don't really lie that well and it's tough to lie to Mako anyway--so when she asked, I said yes, and that we wanted to make a porter to use to go home.
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I see.

... In that case, I overreacted. To be honest, I'm not expecting this plan to stay confidential for very long anyway. Hell, I've told a few people myself. So I wasn't upset about the leak itself so much as about my request being ignored. Only you didn't ignore it, that was just me jumping to conclusions.

At any rate, I apologize.

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[offscreen sigh]

Don't apologize, it's not your fault. Truthfully, it's not the end of the world if word gets out, and I've been sacrificing subtlety in favor of time to begin with. I just don't want to make a spectacle of it prematurely, you understand.
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Thank you.

Actually, he's telling me your technical experience might come in handy. Would you mind detailing a little what you worked on back home? Anything related to the Breach, especially? An electronics background is a good start, but obviously an interdimensional teleportal is going to be very different from a giant robot.

[Qubit would you like to ask first whether she wants to help? Most people would start with that]
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[.... really.]

That's your power?

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MAKO!! Keep this kind of thing on the down low, okay? Geez, oh, crap, uh. Shit.
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[You can't see him, but he's flailing. Tbh, if he's honest with himself, it's his own fault. He should have told her to keep it quiet, but someone doesn't always think of these things.]