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[Qubit doesn't consider himself paranoid per se, but he is kind of a stickler for network security, so finding Mirrornet was a little like Christmas. So far he's been mostly lurking, but... after a surprise copious windfall of useful information, he's in a pretty good mood. Maybe it's time to throw his hat in the ring, see who picks it up.]

Evening, everyone. My name's Qubit. I know, I know, yet another newbie, but I have already looked over the FAQ, so no worries on that front. Fascinating stuff, really. Alternate timelines always are, but good heavens, if this one isn't a piece of work.

That said, I'd like to make a few requests. First: anything and everything you know about the Porter. Its operations, its patterns, any particular anecdotes... The more specific and technical, the better, but anything's fine. You never know; the most insignificant scrap of information might turn out to be the thread that unravels the entire mystery.
[as an afterthought-] Don't feel obliged to repeat Miss Bishop too closely, though, I have that in front of me already.

Second: I'm looking for lab space for a large electronics project. I can tell you in advance it's going to take a lot of power, so if there's already something to that effect set up, that would save me a lot of time. Should be fairly short-term regardless, though - I'm estimating two, maybe three weeks. PM if interested.

Third (or second-and-a-half): Anyone know a bad junkyard? That is, one where they let people dump batteries, monitors, old electronics, etc., especially in bulk? Location doesn't matter, although apparently I could get in trouble for going abroad, and God forbid I do anything to get in trouble.

Anyway, thanks in advance. Sorry I haven't any cute ASCII animals to offer, I hope that won't cause too many problems.
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[ She doesn't happen to see the portal coming from the other end of the street. The unfamiliar hum would have caught her attention, but she isn't focused on anything in particular and keeping her hearing controlled.

She enters a couple of minutes after Qubit, sporting the pink jacket, dress pants and a turtleneck that hardly seems appropriate for the summer. Isn't she hot in all that? Apparently not as there's no light sheen of sweat to be found on her face or hands.

When she catches sight of the man she's supposed to be meeting today she makes a beeline for him, adjusting her tote bag. ]

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That's me.

[ She takes his hand and shakes on it, and in those passing seconds she does a quick x-ray scan of Qubit's figure in order to see if everything is normal, or there's something sinister to be detected. It's a quick glance up and down before she lets his hand go and motions to an empty table. ]

Nice to meet you. I think. [ It's blunt, but it's the truth. ] I'm not going to regret this meeting, am I?
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[ So far so good. Sometimes Karen wishes she were telepathic, but she's not sure she could ever commit to reading someone else's thoughts without their consent. She hates having her mind tampered with, why would she want to do that to anyone? Even if she could use telepathy to determine a very simple yes or no answer. Is this all some trick or is he genuine?

She pulls her purse over her shoulder, setting it beside her on the table and crosses her ankles. ]

I'll skip the niceties: who exactly are you? Where are you from?
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[ All of that sounds incredibly familiar to her even if the names don't line up. She leans in with renewed interest, conveying Qubit's got her undivided attention now. ]

Sounds a lot like the kind of world where I come from. I can't actually count how many alien invasions the world has had to deal with. Then the end of the world situations and your monster of the week scenarios.

[ But she digresses... ]

That's where my concern lies. An interdimensional device is nowhere near the kind of work we do. The amount of resources you're going to need? Not sure if we can provide... if I wanted to.

[ She's still debating. He might have good intentions, but if something goes awry she's jeopardizing the company. ]

You could potentially get a lot out of this and Starrware nothing.
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[ He's so sincere, it honestly astounds her. ]

It does. [ She returns the same level of honesty. She wants nothing more than to return to her universe and see her friends and family and team again. ] But how can you be sure you're going to get it to work?

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but we've had literal gods here who couldn't beam themselves back into their universe.
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[ Her hesitation remains. This time she gnaws on her bottom lip, tearing her eyes away to consider the possibility of going home. Not just her being able to go home, but so many others who've voiced quite loudly on the network their desire to return to their own friends and family. Saying no is depriving them of that potential.

But saying yes is opening up so many risks. Why is it the universe sees fit to drop these decisions in her lap? The last time she trusted someone to find a way home he got so many people killed and ruined lives as a result. Alexander Luthor was also responsible for Karen losing her only family again. ]

If I say yes, you have to promise me no one is going to get hurt as a result of this.

[ If she says no, he'll find someone else. This way she gets to keep her own super eyes on him. ]
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[ She finally turns her gaze back on Qubit and extends her arm over the table for another handshake. Swear on it. ]

Good, otherwise I'll personally have to kick your rear out an office window.

[ Is she joking? Who knows. ]
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[ He seems so earnest... maybe she's expecting the worse for no real reason. She's been severely disappointed in the past, but the past is exactly that. This should give her hope. ]

I'm sure by now you're aware of where Starrware is located?
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[ She leans back into her chair, folding her arms over her lap. ]

Alright, I'll see about getting you some space so you can begin work on Monday.
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i've lost track of time too oops

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[ That's a curious response, but if he hasn't been here long he's probably still adjusting to the current time frame. ]

It's the weekend, so the upcoming Monday. If you need time I can have something set up for Friday latest.