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Starscream ([personal profile] harryingjet) wrote in [community profile] maskormenace2014-04-21 12:17 am

one » voice

[to Starscream's credit, he is not going into straight up yelling (yet). however, his voice is tense, as if he's trying his hardest not to yell at the device.]

I just have one small question that our captors forgot to tell me during that brief little question and answer session I received after being rudely kidnapped and taken away from my operations...why am I suddenly an ORGANIC?!

[yeah nope, that last part was total yelling. a for effort, Starscream. there's a worn-out siiiiigh, as if being Starscream is suffering.]

As if being told to be a 'hero' wasn't ridiculous enough, that accursed machine has the gall to turn me into a human! [siiiiigh. and then, almost under his breath,] This is utterly demeaning.

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