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[Crane considers the test sample of the previous week. Saturday night at De Chima University. It was not the size of the group that had made his data bright with promise. It was the knowledge gained. How imPort and native alike fought and struggled against fear and panic. Learning that they chose to deliberately hurt each other, rather than accept either. It hastened his heartbeat with the thrill of discovery. Yes, discovery and the thrill of watching them tear themselves apart. Crushing them under his thumb and subjecting them to his power.

He wouldn't have ruled out striking another night, either. Most of the students were the typical kind; stay out late, drink hard, throw your lives out with the cigarettes and bottles. Not unlike the undergraduates of his youth, then. But there had been a point to terrorizing the swearing-in. Fear was not just about how many people he could hold under his thumb. It was about who. The people they were and the monster whose mantle he wore. That's the reason for his other name today.

There are no pleasantries. He doesn't say hello.]

How are you doing these days, imPorts?

I don't mean to disturb you, but I'm sure you're wondering if I'm guilty as accused.

You're wondering if truth avails, perhaps? You'll have to learn both the hard way, I'm afraid.

Whoever created that fog wanted you to see that your fears are hollow; shadows that dwell between the emotion and the response. They were simply trying to loosen you up a bit. That's my professional opinion. Still, how awful this treatment must have been for you all...

Now. I'm afraid I'm going to ask you some questions. All in the interests of science, of course! Tell me what you saw. Detail the nature of the thoughts that flooded your mind. Report the emotions you felt. I'm here to help.

[There's one other, final message.]

To those who spoke of pre-emptive action; I find you all hypocrites.

Life is about choices. You made yours when you chose not to say a word.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work that must be done. Gotta earn my keep and all that.
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[Goddammit Crane people like you are the reason nobody trusts scientists]

Go to hell.
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No. No, I did not. Don't act like you did this in the name of science. You're nothing but a mass murderer.

[says the pot to the kettle, but shhh.]
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Oh, come off it, we both know you don't regret a thing.

I'll tell you what I see, Crane. I see a stupid, vainglorious little man who's about to be lucky if execution's the worst that happens to him. You made a lot of powerful enemies that night, and you'd better pray whichever of them finds you chooses not to give you what you deserve.

Oh, if you only had a brain.
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[fuck you crane it was a literary reference, okay]

Already? Well, no matter. I'm sure we'll be chatting again soon.