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video; comm name says 'puck | n/a'

[ Time to make himself known. Puck's filming this from...a tree. He's sitting cross-legged on some branch up in a tree. Look, he's obviously an imPort (as shown by his ears, hair and borderline Renn Faire outfit) and doesn't want to deal with people bugging him while he films, the tree is the best option. ]

Wasn't that a fun romp a few days ago? Nessies and lizards and sharks, oh my! [ With a hand gesture, Puck magics up a tiny little demonstration water spout, just floating in the air before it disappears with a click of his fingers. He's just smirking like a shit as he continues, gesturing to himself in the process. ] And I'm sure that you all managed to get out some well-needed aggression. The devil, Archangel, time travel visions, Dr.'s been a terrible summer, hasn't it? I was providing a well-needed service!

Still, I suppose it's only fitting that I fess up. I wouldn't want anyone else to take credit for my work! [ he nods, continuing. ] My name is Puck. I finally decided that I should give you a proper introduction. After all, I've been around here for....a few months now? Of course, I've met some of you already, [ and then he coughs a cough that suspiciously sounds like "Billy Kaplan" ] but I just had an urge to meet the rest of you.

So go on, introduce yourselves!
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text (pretend im closer to on time lolol)

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Oh, we have you to thank for all that, do we? Interesting how your idea of stress relief is just more stress.
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Glad to see one of us finds it amusing. Someone could have been seriously hurt, you idiot.
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You're phenomenally lucky that's the case.