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005 ♣ VIDEO ♠ Choice

[Ah, when was the last time he posted to this thing- it feels like ages, though it's only been a month or so, how interesting, time does fly here despite being dreadfully idle during a majority of it. And if he recalls, he wasn't even playing 'himself' really in his last message here, more just to pass the time. Of course this new post he plans will be nothing but nonsense--

or seem it anyway.]

[You can tell a lot about someone by what they have to say after all, especially during games.]

[The video shows what appear to be legs and feet. The camera stares down the legs of his white harem pants and shows his feet, crossed at the ankles up on some chair beside him, in atlantic blue high heels. Hisoka seems to be at some cafe, there's a rather pink looking tea cup at his side on a table.]

Let's play a game, shall we? I'm sure many of us looking at the network for now have nothing better to do. Have you ever played 'Would You Rather?' It relies on creativity and a degree of forethought. [And can be a lot more indepth and profound than one might think. Or so he hopes it will be.]

You create two situations and ask which someone would prefer. Shall I start? Perhaps something simple to get our feet wet.

[His legs uncross, and cross in the opposite way, a hand with bright, long, clawed nails appears and picks up the cup for a moment before setting it back down.]

Would you rather- to lose a hand forever or a foot forever?
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Oh, good old "False Dichotomy: The Game." Have to admit, this is the first I've seen it played by sober people.
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Not particularly. It's a ridiculous game either way.
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Because it encourages you to think in terms of absolutes. To treat a choice as if there are only two options available, when in reality that's virtually never the case.
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Then what's the point? If they're isolated decisions devoid of context, what's to stop them from being completely arbitrary?
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[Tch. Qubit's bread and butter is analyzing (and overthinking) situations, so games where he's not supposed to don't really appeal to him.]

Yes, well. Be that as it may, it's still ridiculous.
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[That's a pretty accurate assessment. In the present - in a crisis, especially, where you do have to make life-or-death decisions in a split second - he's very good. He knows how to take the factors he's given and turn them into the outcome he wants, or at the very least one he can live with. But the long game, seeing through the moment to the consequences, is something of a blind spot.]

I'm a scientist. I like logical.
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What sort of scientist? Physics, mainly, especially quantum.
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[Y'know, he wants to feel defensive, buuuuut you're not really wrong.]

It's our particular curse, I suppose.
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Well, thank you. [I think.]
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[oh come on no takebacks on compliments >:T]

What do you mean?
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Maybe some other time. I doubt I've much to say or do that you'd find interesting.

[at least in terms of science. because you wouldn't understand it.]
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Even so. Rain check. [He's not sure he likes the sudden interest, anyway.]