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[Everything's been pretty nuts since the thing with the tear gas. Isaac knows this pretty intimately. He wasn't effected, but someone very close to him was. Still, he's been doing a lot of thinking, and feels it's time to speak to the rest of you.]

Hey. [Yeah, he's a master of words, this guy.] Uh, those of you who don't know me, I'm Isaac Clarke. Among a lot of things, I'm an engineer. I know I've worked on some mods and rebuilds for a few of you. I was approached to help figure out some security measures to keep...what happened [You should all know what he's talking about.] from happening again.

I think I might have figured something out, but I need some pretty high-tech sensors...and someone who knows how to configure them better than I do. I'm an electrical engineer. Computers aren't my specialty, and if these security measures are going to keep people safe, they're going to need to be pretty fine-tuned, able to identify one thing from another when they scan them.

[He takes a breath and then leans back in his chair before continuing.] On a...different note, I know there are a lot of you out there who might need something built, or repaired, or whatever, and don't necessarily need a huge firm to do it. If so, I'm you're guy.
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Oh, are you on swear-in security, too? When's the next one again, the nineteenth? I can throw together some sensors, that's what I was planning on doing for it anyway.
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Right. Proximity, metal, chemical... We'll want to sweep the premises beforehand, too. At De Chima the devices were in place well before the event started.
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[If shrugs were audible there'd be one here.] That, or I'll do it myself. One way or another.

What are your specialties, out of curiosity? [Electrical engineering, he heard that, but in his mind that kind of goes hand in hand with computers, so.]
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Well, yes, but more specifically.
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[Not yet.]

"Shockpoint"? Can't say I've heard of that. Starship-related?
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Ahh, FTL as implemented through spacefolding! That's not too unlike what my teleportals use, actually, albeit on a larger scale. When was that invented? What year are you from?