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Mirrornet; voice

For those of you who didn't go to Finland... I think you should be told about what occurred there, and what we learned.

[Attached are photos and short video clips of the wall, the construction robots building it, and the sticky yellow substance being flung over it, and billowing black smoke.]

That yellow substance is a new variety of neurotoxin, possibly called дружественный огонь... that wasn't manufactured in Russia, and is intended to cause paranoia- to make those affected turn on each other.

The soldiers were told that we were coming to invade them in an unprovoked attack- though most of them believed that we were Americans native though this world, who had gained powers due to scientific experimentation, so I'm not sure if the Russians genuinely believed that, or if it was just a lie they told to their soldiers.

But the fact remains, they thought we were going to come and invade- and thus, built the very wall we were sent to investigate.

[There's the sound of shuffling paper, as Sabriel clears her throat.]

Those are the facts. I have my own theories, of course- I can't help but wonder if our own hosts knew something they didn't tell us, and if the Go-Fors were responsible for the neurotoxin, since the Russians didn't make it themselves. But those are simply guesses- I have no proof, and it's entirely possible I'm wrong.
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Thanks for letting us know. Who are the Go-Fors?
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So, bad news if they do have Soviet ties. How do we know the chemical wasn't made in Russia, though?