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Video || oo1

[Kon is peering over the rim of his shades as he takes a long sip from a blue Slurpee. To some, his appearance is a total flashback to the 90s. You’re more than welcome for that. He has a fade cut, curls and one gold hoop in his left ear. Because that was cool back then. Don’t judge.

He stops drinking and frowns as he moves the device about to stop the glare from catching too much.

You’d think in the future in some alternate world things would get better instead of worse. Where’s my sugar rush, huh?


Anyone got any info on what’s been going on that they’re willin’ to share?

[The view tilts slightly to show the sky more than anything and a little curl of his hair before there’s an ‘oh’ and he brings it back.]

I’m Kon.
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[Kon has been on Qubit's list of people to talk to for about a week, given who he shares a logo with. But... he looked a lot different the last time he saw him. That doesn't bode well.]

... You got a haircut.
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[No you got halfway through a buzz and then were like "nah fam just leave the rest." Of course, even if Qubit were in any position to judge other people's hair (not that that'd stop him), it's not the issue here.]

I see that.

I've been meaning to ask you about something. Do you remember me, by any chance? It was a couple of months ago and we only spoke briefly, but still.
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[I guess at least it's not a rat tail. Anyway, he's heard of this happening before - someone getting ported out and back in - but without remembering anything, and from the looks of it, possibly younger... that's new. Something to look into later.

For now, the target is information on Superman. And Superboy here seems like a strong lead. Relative? Sidekick? Copycat? But the trick is getting the information without arousing too much suspicion. So - ease into it, carefully. Let the subject come up in its own time. For now... just be casual.

He sighs, looking mildly disappointed.]
That's all right. Not your fault. My name's Qubit, I live a few doors down from you. Or did, previously. I don't know if they still have you in De Chima.
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[The other- oh. Yeah, if you can't remember, it might as well be another person...]

Right. Well, if you'd like any help settling in, let me know, all right?