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video | after the Hotel Rescue Shenanigans

[It's evening, as evidenced by the general dim light in the room. The living room of Nonah #5 has been the scene of a lot of mayhem, and now doesn't seem to be any different.]

[There's a cut on the Iron Bull's face, and he's holding himself with the care of someone who knows damn well he's hurt something important and doesn't want to make any sudden motions. There may also be glass stuck in one of his horns. More small abrasions decorate his torso. Looks like the aftermath of Motorcycle vs. The Iron Bull didn't end well for anyone.]

[As he records, he's moving gingerly across the house to deposit one (1) unconscious lump of teenager -- namely the Problem Child Tetsuo himself -- into a room. Probably his own room. Only after that's done, does Bull address the camera.]

Hey. Got a message for you, network.

[One might say he forgot it was on, but it's also more likely this was purposeful. Demonstrating the kid is in hand, put somewhere safe and no longer charging through the streets.]

Dear Whoever the Fuck Made Tetsuo's Bike,

You should have made it Bull-Proof.

[It's at this point, he holds up a certain finger on the hand still possessing all of its fingers. Wow, Bull, stay classy. He's about to turn the feed off when someone else pipes in, from somewhere else in the house--]

And would someone come heal my big, dumb boyfriend! Please?

[THANKS CHARLIE. Bull makes a sudden face, and hurries to mash the OFF button.]
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[Good lord. How did he miss this post? well if it went up on the 27th he was probably kind of hungover that day but shhhh.]

Where is he now? What happened?