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This is Major-General Armstrong.

Yesterday, an imPort tribunal, in accordance with the laws and regulations of this world and this nation, found Dr. Jonathan Crane guilty of multiple crimes too numerous to list here. [She sets her jaw, and her tone is slightly sour in the next part; she's not happy about the leniency of the sentence.] According to the laws governing imPorts, he'll be held in prison for two months with a further two months' house arrest. He'll be observed as necessary and will undergo close psychiatric monitoring, while separated from non-imPort prisoners and kept under guard.

That's all. Armstrong out.

[Such a weak sentence. She doesn't understand why the local laws for imPorts are so toothless. She'd have just shot him, herself.]
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House arrest. Great.

[ Oh, the disdain is more than clear in her voice. ]

I didn't say it then and I meant to, but thank you for handling Crane.

[ She might not be entirely fond of the idea of RISE (too militaristic for her tastes), but she's about to disregard the efforts they put into this. ]
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that is such BULL
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[Oh, she must be seething. The thought of it couldn't make him happier.]

It's good to see justice done, isn't it?

[Hashtag yolo?]
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Four months in total, for multiple murders.

[ Actually, 'multiple' doesn't even cover it. And there'd been intent to murder more, besides, not to mention all of the people who were injured and didn't die.

This is not justice.

Is there some thought that he's innocent? I cannot conceive that a man guilty of murder could see jail for a sixth of a year. That cannot be right.
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They should've put a bullet to his head.
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That's it?! Why isn't he dead?!
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[Sabriel tries to hide her frustration- but her voice is oddly tense.]

We'll need to speak to the government about changing those laws. If someone from this world did what Crane did, they'd be imprisoned for the rest of their lives, at the very least.

[Private; still audio]

I'm going to keep working on binding spells- not just restricting powers, but possibly what people can actually do. It's probably not legal, but if they keep letting people like Crane off, it may be safer.
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[Jo is shaking her head when she starts the video. She wasn't affected, because she's never seen a reason to go to swear-ins after her first one, but still.]

That's bullshit. Who decided on that sentence?
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Four months? That's— but he killed people!
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Please tell me the psychiatric monitoring is going to be a lot longer than four months.

[What the hell was the point of him kicking up this fuss if this was it?]
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You're freaking kidding me.

You know, just for perspective, I got a longer sentence than that back home for robbing a rubber duck factory.
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[Hawkeye is with you on the distaste for the result of the local laws, Armstrong. So much so that she'd not even both to reply to your post about it--if she hadn't bumped into you immediately after you'd made it, which was about two minutes after the announcement had been made, which means it was about thirty seconds after she'd found out--

Hawkeye looks fairly put out, making no attempt to hide her frown and unaware of her own anxious expression. The idea of Crane back on the streets in four months makes her inordinately nervous.

Anyway, she's brought a file from the main polic department in Heropa, and deposits it on Armstrong's desk with a frown.]

Sir, the local police department has requested that the report on the capture of doctor Crane be reevaluated and completed in more detail.
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Is prison and house arrest truly the highest form of punishment you could give to him? [ Justice is fail here. ]
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Two months, huh?

[The controlled way he speaks is his attempt of trying not to blow something up. Two months was not a lot of time considering the crime committed. And then to just throw him in house arrest?]

Ridiculous. What are the details pertaining to his house arrest? Was a parole officer assigned to him?
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[holy shit what is with the rude parade right now]

You did the best you could with what you were given. There's something to be commended in that.
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[A sigh can be heard.]

Guess it's better than probation, at least. [However cold a comfort that might be.]
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The government wouldn't fold in this case?


I suppose we aren't so lucky to be able to place him at the mercy of gen pop.