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Capsule 005 💊 (Video)

[The video feed pops on, showing Kaneda on his bed with...what looks to be the remains of something electronic. Something...pretty familiar. So familiar that it may match what you're holding in your hand to watch this said video. Wires are spilling out of it, some not even attached anymore, and the casing looks like it got bent like a spoon.]


Anyone know how to fix a busted comm?

[A hand reaches up to rub the back of his neck as the other gingerly picks up the device between two fingers, wires dangling.]

I'd say technical difficulties is understating a biiiit~ but I guess it depends on your point of view.

[It's for a friend, okay.]
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Good lord, Kaneda. What did the poor thing ever do to you?
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[-- Ok yeah switching to video too, this is important.]

You know Tetsuo? I've been trying to get in touch with him for days.
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[SCOWL. you shitkids, he's not old, damn it! at least it's just a broken comm, but this still doesn't answer his main question.]

"Know" is a strong word. He tried to throw a truck at me once. Is he all right?
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[Qubit pauses for a second, tenting his fingers in thought.]

... I can fix the comm. But I also want a word with him. In person.
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Because when he didn't return my calls, I started following his tracks. I don't know precisely what he's been up to since I saw him last, but I have a pretty good guess, and I don't like it.

[His guess is "he took my resonator and then continued on a drug fueled rampage up and down the Eastern Seaboard while I wasn't paying attention." Is he far off?]

I want to find out exactly what I'm enabling.
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[Sighs. He's a little upset at himself for this, to be honest.]

When we met, I made him a psionic resonator - something to cut down on the headaches his powers give him. He was in pain and lashing out, I saw a way I could help. And he calmed down immediately, so I thought that'd be the end of it. Apparently, I was mistaken.
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It's a wrist-worn device, yes.
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... Good to hear. Or not hear, I suppose.

But you can understand how I might be less than enthused to learn I've aided and abetted a public menace. For the better part of a month he's been going around upending freeways with my tech on his arm. I don't appreciate being taken advantage of, and now that I know about it, I want to make it perfectly clear to him that it won't be tolerated.
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Wherever you're at is fine. I can come to you.
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[Nods.] I'll be by the front door. [Then he signs off.]

[He's there within a couple minutes. The trouble with having a Real Job is that you have to tell people before you go and disappear. But he still probably makes it before Kaneda, and he waits just inside the front entrance. While he's at it, he pulls up a few of Tetsuo's news reports on his tablet for later.]
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[One if by bike. It's a subtle piece of information, but it does confirm Kaneda was in Nonah, rather than just coming through the Porter from another city. So, good chance Tetsuo's in town, too, even if he's not here here. He can't really blame Kaneda for wanting to protect his friend, though, since... well, the police and/or RISE are probably looking for him.

Qubit pockets his tablet and starts down the front steps toward him. The disappearing bike gets an eyebrow for being actually kind of neat.]

It's only a problem when I need backup.
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That was the idea.

[a pause.]

... I don't think he's a bad kid. And I doubt you'd be protecting him the way you are, either, if you thought he was. He has issues, certainly, but ... he's young. He still has time to turn things around.
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What do you mean?


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