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[The feed focuses on Revan, wearing a long, black, form-fitting jacket as he walks through an open courtyard. Some people may recognize it as the Maurtia Falls Helix Station at night.]

Hello. Some of you may already be aware, but my name is Revan, Ambassador of Maurtia Falls, and I have been given the honor of hosting this month's Swear-in Ceremony on October 16th. An honor I refuse to take lightly.

Many people over the last couple months have raised concerns about the safety of these events, especially given the most recent attacks. I want to assure you that every precaution is being taken. I invite you all out to join me in celebrating this most festive holiday in the utmost safety.

[With a gesture the view pans around at the grounds and the building behind him. Scattered about in various stages of set up are an assortment of seasonally appropriate decorations:

Hay bales, pumpkins, scarecrows, and artificial cobwebs, all about several empty stalls. Several Droids scamper about, dutifully arranging the decor, or putting the final touches on a stall.

I've tried my best to honor the spirit of the season. Though it may surprise you to know that this is my first Halloween. And I will be putting every effort into making it... [There's a small smirk that creeps into his expression.] memorable.

While Imports will of course have free entry, we will be accepting and encourage donations. I've partnered with the Maurtia Falls Pediatric Hospital and all proceeds will be given to them as charity. Native children and their family will be in attendance for the events, some of them patients. I'd like to ask that anyone who wishes to join in on the fun and help make this night magical, to freely step forward to volunteer to host activities for both these adoring fans and your fellow imports. I'm sure the community would love a chance to see the creative prowess of imports in action.

For the event I myself will be volunteering the entirety of the Helix Station as a massive haunted house. While the first floor may be attended by all, only imports will be allowed onto the upper floors. However, I would not venture into the dark unless you're prepared for lies within. Something stirs within the upper floors of the station. While it may be my first Halloween, don't think for a second I didn't bring my full might to bear.

[Through out the broadcast, while it may seem an innocuous enough message, more perceptive imports might spot a few disturbing occurrences. Inhuman shapes moving past windows on the upper floors, a pumpkin that seems to floating on it's own for a brief moment before landing on a table, one of the scarecrows resting against a stall turns to look at the screen right before the camera pans away. And at one point while Revan is talking, something slides out of an ajar door and snags a passing droid. In the blink of an eye it's torn from it's place and disappears into the dark.]

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Hello, Revan. My name's Qubit, and I'd like to volunteer my help with security at the event as well.

[Straight to the point, this one. He is liking the robots he sees, though.]
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I do. [Hoo boy, does he ever.] I was part of a superpowered team on my own world, not too unlike the sort you run into here, dealing with powered and unpowered threats to the public. I handled most of the tech, including security equipment for our facilities. Technically I have some experience with event security, too - I did something similar at last month's swear-in, though admittedly that was sort of a last-minute thing.

[Looking behind Revan for a sec-] Am I right in guessing some of those robots will be on the detail, too?
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[Qubit picks up on that coyness, and gives the image on screen an appraising look, but otherwise doesn't acknowledge it.]

I'm sure I could, but what aspects do you mean exactly?
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Encrypted; Video

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[Nice little shortcut. He wonders absently why you'd make it a separate device, though - assuming he made it himself.]

Oh, that's all? Certainly, I can give you a hand with that. I could even stop in this evening, if that works for you.
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[But Revan, shop is Qubit's favorite kind of talk! There's some mild alarm in his expression at the mention of turrets, but ... well, he hasn't seen a threat assessment for the place, for all he knows they might be necessary.]

Yeeeah, that might be important. You can't just add the same kind of scanners to the turrets themselves?
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["Gift for technology" oh that fits like a glove. He grins.]

In that case, you have the right man. I could code that in my sleep. [Not to toot his own horn or anything. (Okay that's exactly what he's doing.)]
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[Laughs good-naturedly.] At the moment I'm spoken for, but I appreciate the thought. At any rate, I'll drop by after work to take a look at the system. Sound good?