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[ He is sitting straight in his chair, looking as if his inauguration coinciding with Crane's announcement wasn't at all unfortunate. Well, it seems Dr. Crane was voting for the other guy. ]

I'm trying very hard to not take this as a protest on Dr. Crane's part as his right to vote has been stymied, but it seems he does want to challenge me on my first day. [ He sounds very tired when he says this, but only to forestall anyone nagging him about not taking this seriously. He doesn't take it as a joke, so close enough? ]

I have no reason to believe that Crane's threats are anything but a variation on his theme and full of hot air, but regardless, I would ask everyone take appropriate measures to deal with this threat. If nothing else, it'll be a good drill.

So. If anyone doesn't require breathing or have oxygen equipment to hand and want to take a look or somehow bolster the native police force, I would urge them to volunteer their abilities, as much as I'm loathe to give him the attention he evidently so desperately needs.

Otherwise, I would instruct you to stay out of Nonah's affected areas until we give the all clear, if you wouldn't mind. We don't want to tempt fate. 
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I'm on my way as well. I've got scanning equipment, and I can dismantle whatever we find, if anything. Who's coordinating the sweep? Do you have someone yet?
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That's reasonable. [He is perfectly willing to defer, so long as whoever he's deferring to doesn't ask him to do anything stupid.] Who all do we have? Just the folks I see in this ... post ...

[And trails off because SURE DID JUST SEE SUPERMAN'S NAME THERE. oh shit]
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[Qubit takes a second to shake his head clear. No, this - this isn't going to be a problem. He can handle it. It'll be just like old times. At any rate, he won't endanger innocent lives just to coddle his own personal issues.]

Sorry. I was saying, do we have anyone besides who's responded here, do you know? ... And also, where are we staging?