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[Anyone who's familiar with Crane will recognize his compulsive need to study fear. But what's the curious thing, here? His approach. His voice is as soft and calm as it had been upon his arrival. It gives an impression of frailty that's deliberately misleading. There was nothing about him that sounded like the Scarecrow. And that's the frightening thing.]

Machiavelli once said, "And here comes in the question whether it is better to be loved rather than feared, or feared rather than loved. It might perhaps be answered that we should wish to be both; but since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved."

I put his question to you all; is it better to be loved rather than feared, or feared rather than loved?

[He likes the idea of letting the piddling powers in this place believe he's behaving himself; listening to that silly therapist he'd encountered recently. Maybe his audience all be dishonest in their answers. Frightened. Scared. He indulges in a smile. He will have to confirm all of their opinions with an experiment, of course.]
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Three guesses what your answer is.
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Very funny. So, what, did you run out of license plates already? Because it sounds to me like you have too much time on your hands.
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Several errors here. Firstly, murder is not a misdemeanor. In fact, I'd be surprised if any of your convictions aren't felonies. Second, you don't volunteer for prison labor. And thirdly: yes, you very much can be blamed for that.
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[Last few...... shit. It has been almost two months, hasn't it? This lunatic's going to be back on the streets in essentially the blink of an eye. His crimes might as well be misdemeanors for all he's being punished for them. And Crane knows it, and he's gloating about it.

Qubit hates gloating.]

Really. Incubating another of your twisted little "experiments," I presume?
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Right, that's about as convincing as I expected. Well, my turn. I assure you, you're never going to harm another person again. The law may be powerless to stop you, but your fellow imPorts are not.
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"just repeat to yourself, 'it's just a show-'"

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Please. You haven't the slightest idea what I'm frightened of.

[He's a hopeless idealist, after all. The only person he'll lie to is himself.]