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Loose Screws 12 [Video] (Forward Dated to 11/26)

[Good morning, everyone! Have a Winry with a bandanna wrapped around her head, standing in the kitchen. There's a soft 'chuff, chuff' sound coming from out of the view. Winry smiles off-screen then turns to the camera.]

Hi! I know this is short notice but I thought, since this is a big day in this world, I'd do something for it.

[She picks up the comm and turns it toward the kitchen. There are loaves of bread rising, a huge pot with steam coming out of it, and a lot of chopped up vegetables, as well as a few pie crusts, obviously ready to be filled.]

I'm making stew and bread and I'll have plenty for you if you want. If you want to come over, let me know and I'll send you the address!

[Another soft chuff off-screen, and the camera swings to show a pair of border collies, one black and white, one mottled merle.]

I do have a pair of dogs here but they're friendly if you have any pets you'd like to bring. So just give me a call and let me know!

[With that, she signs out.]
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Did you mean to make this public?

['Cause, like... there's generosity, and then there's inviting every imPort in the world to your house.]
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So it's a blanket invitation to everyone?
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[Fortunately he's not! Although he is a grown man who's somehow wound up with a bunch of teenage CR so take that as you will @u@]

That's very kind of you. And I haven't any other plans for the evening...

[To go or not to go... he kind of feels like he's inviting himself over, even though he's now been invited twice, and once specifically.]

Well, I suppose I could nip in. Does an hour or so from now work?
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Qubit. [BECAUSE THAT'S HELPFUL.] I'll be the one with the hair. PM me the address?
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So I see. [She did introduce them in the top post, so.] That's fine, I don't mind them. See you soon.

[He shows up just a little over an hour later, as promised, and rings the doorbell. In one arm he's carrying a plastic container with some sort of baked good inside, still hot, if the fogged-up container is any indication. Surprise! The extra hour was not, in fact, travel time.

(And calling himself "the one with the hair" is pretty apt. It's a lot more vertical than most people manage.)]
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[If she pronounced it like the archaic unit of length, then she got it right! Either way it's probably close enough. He returns the smile.]

I am, what gave it away? [That's a joke, of course, he's not looking for an answer.] You must be Winry. Thanks for opening your home on such short notice.
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[Haha uhh that is a little awkward isn't it! He's really the only person she didn't know who took her up on it...... Anyway, Qubit enters and pets the nearer of the two dogs, if it'll let him.]

Well, I know I've seen you around now and again. You were, uh, developing a prosthetic eye, right?

[He distinctly recalls seeing that a couple of times, most recently at the exhibition in August (you know, before everything went to shit).]