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[ so it turns out, even after being here for so long ( a year now, which is- it's a lot. it's a long time. so she's not thinking about that now! ) it's still really difficult for Teresa to feel comfortable talking to the camera, to post to the network. she's not shy, really, she doesn't mind listening in and responding to other people, but being on the opposite end is wildly intimidating, for some reason. but! far it be from her to step down from a challenge when she's got something on her mind ]

So, I understand the concept of secret identities. I understand the need to protect the person behind the superpowers, and protecting those close to them. I understand the desire to live a normal life outside of what you can do when you use your abilities. It's all- I get it. I promise.

But why here? Why, when everyone is equipped with powers of all kinds without fail, do people still go by an alter ego? I probably sound like I'm trying to make some kind of dig at those who choose to go by a superhero alias, but it's a genuine question. I mean, I highly doubt every one of you just really enjoys wearing a lot of spandex and leather every day, so... What's the real advantage of wearing a mask in a place like this?

[ she's already got a few vague ideas - it's not like she'd know, personally, but she has a couple of friends who rock costumes when they're out using their abilities. it's one thing to take a guess, and another to hear it from someone else, so. that's what this is. super curious, this one. ]

This is coming from someone whose world was full of a lot of codenames, and secrets, and a number of other carefully controlled things I won't get into, so I guess I'm just curious about this because I believe having the choice to be open about who we are and what we can do here is one of the best things about being here. No hiding, no secrets. So... Why?
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[Qubit's never been one of those who wears a literal mask, but the question still applies.]

The reasoning varies from person to person, but in my experience it's essentially a matter of boundaries. Even with all our abilities, we can't possibly be everywhere or respond to every demand made of us. Keeping our private and public lives separate is one way of dealing with that.
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It doesn't mean giving it up. But it does mean you have to work for it. People notice when we do extraordinary things. And they tell their friends and family, they tell the media... word gets out, one way or another. The media by itself is bad enough - and of course I'm generalizing here, but some of them will literally beat down your door for the sake of a story, provided they can figure out where you live. Add to that governments wanting to weaponize you, your enemies wanting to kill you in your sleep, and of course all the millions of people who still need your help...

Once you've gone public, it's nearly impossible to go back, is what I'm getting at. It's all the downsides of celebrity combined with those of, say... being a secret agent, for example.

So what do you do? Most of your solutions fall under three umbrellas. [he holds up three fingers]

One: you make it so no one can find you. If someone needs you, you go to them. That takes a lot of effort and resources, however, and usually involves cutting off contact with loved ones as well, so understandably it's not very common.

Two: you don't change anything. You resolve you won't let the attention prevent you from living your life the way you choose. And it would be wonderful if that were sustainable, but it's not. Sooner or later someone burns down your house, or... whatever. [waves his hand in a "whatever" sort of way]

Which brings us to the third option, the secret identity. It's sort of an amalgam of the other two. That way, you can still get out and help people, and then you come home and lead a relatively normal life the rest of the time, with no one the wiser. It's a bit fragile, since the whole of it is held together by a single crucial secret, but if all goes well, you end up with the best of both worlds.
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Not much, no. [At least he's frank about it, though. He folds his hands patiently.] Do you want to finish your thought? What are you envisioning, what's your ideal scenario?