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[At some point, Robo was able to acquire a webcam of some form, so he was finally able to transmit video despite not being able to use the touchscreen of his communicator.

More importantly, he'd spent the last few weeks talking business with various people off screen. It turns out there are people who would be a little less stringent on who they give a business loan to if the person involved is an ImPort, and so the robot had managed to put down some basic framework for his new business.]

Well that was a busy few weeks but as everyone was so eager to point out, there's not a lot else to DO around here.

I am happy to announce the official founding of New Tesladyne Laboratories. It's not much, yet, but I have an office, and patent pending on a few little gizmos from back home that I'm sure SOMEONE will be interested in producing. That means I'm gonna have money coming in, and I'll need something to do with it.

SO, if you are of a scientific persuasion, I may have a position available for you at Tesladyne Labs! Roboticists, physicists, biologists, geologists...I'm looking for anyone who's willing to poke the edges of human understanding of the universe and see how it pokes back. We also do consulting.

My main goal is getting multiple heads able to focus on a dimensional portal project so we can all get out of here, but I figure in the mean time if you have any side projects you want to work on, I can probably get a lab set up for you soon enough.
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Well, you certainly don't waste any time.

[Who has two thumbs and is still a little bitter about being told he can't do the thing? IT MIGHT BE THIS GUY.]