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005 - Video

[For someone who's officially just a part-time worker, Tetsuo sure seems to think he owns the Nonah arcade. He's updated his wardrobe to a red jacket with white fur since the last time he appeared on the network, and is currently lounging in a chair with his back to the window, idly playing with a token. Observant characters might notice he's got a few dried blood splatters on his shirt - those in the know might piece together it's from yesterday's incident with Ken. Outside you can see Kaneda pulling up on his bike, looking at a sign hanging on the arcade window, and then driving off.]

Listen up, Nonah. I only wanna say this once. There's a couple rule changes around the arcade. One, no powers allowed inside. I don't know what it is you do, and I don't care.

[Anyone still paying attention to the window behind him can see Kaneda pull up again and calmly get off his bike with a crowbar.]

You don't get to do it.

[Almost drops crowbar. Saves it.]

Two, the arcade's my territory, so if you wanna play, you better do what I tell you.

[Walks up to window. Inspects window. Inspects crowbar.]

And... oh, yeah. Heh. I almost forgot.

[Jams in window.]

Kaneda's not welcome around here, so don't bother showing up.

[Reaches in and unlocks door.]

Cause if you do, Kaneda... I won't stop this time.

[Walks in.]

We'll find out what breaks first - you or EVERYTHING ELSE!

[Tetsuo's eyes suddenly widen; he only realizes Kaneda's behind him a second before Kaneda snags Tetsuo in a headlock. Tetsuo's communicator drops to the floor, and the rest of this is recorded sideways. It’s an odd angle, but enough to get what’s happening.

Kaneda knew how to handle Tetsuo by now--aim for the head and you can bring him down. Everything Tetsuo did dealt with concentration, and if you could break it, you’re left with one weakened bully struggling for control. His elbow stays locked around that neck for as long as he can hold it, but with Tetsuo clawing to get free like an angry cat, it was proving a lot harder than he’d care to admit. ]

What the -HELL- is wrong with you?!

Get off me!

Bullying kids, now, Tetsuo? Think THIS is how you act all big and powerful?

[That grip on Tetsuo's neck turns a little tighter, but not enough to completely cut the flow of oxygen.]

You’re EXACTLY what you hate!

[Tetsuo's teeth are bared and clenched. He struggles as hard as he possibly can, eyes wide and wild with fury.]

I don’t care! At least I'M NOT YOU!

[With that, the screen flashes white as Tetsuo's shield flicks into place.]

[FIGHT GET! Replies will be from Kaneda and Tetsuo, alternate sides of the battle. If you’d prefer one or the other, state it in your subject line! Characters are free to try and reason with either of them, or get more information as they please. If they want to try and stop this physically, we do have Sabriel and Bull planned to finally take Tetsuo down, but if there’s a way your character can help that doesn’t interfere with that, then feel free to show up! There’s going to be a lot of structural damage, fleeing citizens, and yelling teenagers.]
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video, to Kaneda

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[There comes a point where getting wrapped up in your (too many) projects and only checking the comm once or twice a day - sometimes forgetting to check it at all, he's never really been into social media - starts to cause problems. By the time he actually sees this post, it happened hours ago.]

Kaneda. Are you all right?
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[When Kaneda answers, he's at the clinic in De Chima, waiting to get his bruises and cuts looked at. His legs swing on the table, checking his phone idly when Qubit's call comes up.

Well, doesn't look like the doctor's coming for awhile, he'll just swipe to accept.]

Been better, but definitely been worse.
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[Oh, good, he picked up. The fact he's in one piece is a relief on its own.]

What happened?
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[There's a sigh, resting his chin on his hand and rolling his eyes. Not at Qubit, but the fact that he can sum this up so easily.]

Tetsuo happened. Big surprise, huh?
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[Wish I could say it was. But come on, man, deets.]

What did he do this time? You said something about bullying kids?
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Yeah, thought he knew better than that.

[There's a soft huff, resting his elbows on his knees.]

Not just bullying but...left him bleeding out, too.
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What? Dear God. I didn't think...

[You didn't think what? More like you didn't think, period. You knew Tetsuo was too dangerous to be left to his own devices, and you left him to them anyway.]

Is he all right? The kid?
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[Join the club, Qubit. He's in that whole 'blaming yourself' phase too. He LET this happen when he had the chance to stop it. He didn't pursue Tetsuo the first time. And now...]


[His hand goes to his face, dragging his fingers down a moment.]

He's fine. I...told him I'd handle it.
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[The blame game's all well and good - Qubit's an expert player - but the important thing is to keep moving forward. To keep anyone else from getting hurt. He frowns intently.]

And where's Tetsuo now?
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[And here's where he casts his gaze away.]

Dunno. Took him to Maurtia Falls to talk with him. And...it went well.

[Well, depends on your definition of 'well'.]
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[Yes indeed it does.] Define "well."
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I got shot.

[See? Depends on your definition.]
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[Considering what Tetsuo could have done to him... Qubit sighs and runs a hand through his hair. He does make a mental note of "has a gun," though.]

Okay. I'll-

[- and just then, his other phone rings. The one with a number he can give out to non-imPorts. He checks the caller ID, then holds up a finger to Kaneda.] Hold on a moment, I need to take this.

[He mutes the microphone as he speaks with whoever's on the other end, but the call takes less than a minute. As he hangs it up, he gets up and picks up the comm to take with him.]

Stay put. I'm going to go have words with him myself.
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[You can't just put him on hold--YOU CALLED HIM!!

But he's given no choice as Qubit does just that, taking the other call if only for a moment, only come back to Kaneda mid-curse about being told to wait.]


You're going after himm?
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That's what I said. I warned him what would happen if he kept this up, and I'm a man of my word.

[It's not the first time he's had to wrangle someone who would. not. listen. Tetsuo seemed capable of remorse last time, but was he actually, or was that Qubit reading in signs that weren't there?]
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That's nice, did you pinky promise too?

Cause Tetsuo isn't really up for friendship talks--I've got the bruises to prove it.

[This is his way of being worried, Qubit. Because he doesn't want to have to deal with finding your body dead on the side of the road.]
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[Gives him a Look. Come on, Kaneda, none of us are kindergarteners. Darkly:] Trust me, that's furthest from my mind. Let me rephrase. I intend to make it clear to him that my patience is finite. Hopefully he's smart enough to realize that's not a scenario he wants.
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...Soooo...you can kick his ass?

[There's a little air of disbelief, but...he's never heard Qubit sound this way. Consider his attention grabbed.]
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[Physically? No. Tetsuo could tear him limb from limb and barely break a sweat. But that doesn't mean Qubit's at a disadvantage.]

I don't have to.

[It'd be as trivially simple as getting close enough to break the resonator. Funny, isn't it? Seems it's always the tiniest things that bring the mighty to their knees.

Anyway, he's about to portal out, so he ends it on that one-liner and hangs up. Catch ya later kid.]