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Sometimes powers aren't as obvious on paper as perhaps they should be. Months of horrible nightmares, months of failing to understand why I dreamed of strangers and events I didn't quite understand. But then, over time, I started to see fragments of my dreams become reality. Most notably, the August Swear In -- I dreamed of fireworks erupting into people's screams. Had I realized that my dreams were foretelling of some future, perhaps I could have given warning. Perhaps, I could have helped to prevent that future from occurring or at least built up awareness so people could defend themselves.

But now, I realize my job is to illuminate. I have had dreams most recently, some alarming and some benign. I've seen you all at one point or another. In many ways, I know you more intimately than you know yourself because I have seen what is to come and in some cases, how you take on that challenge.

I've dreamed of a man who takes on the pain of others, offering sanctuary to those most in need. And in turn, he becomes part of a larger pack. The winter months may be a bit more crowded in their home, but with spring comes change. New places for the fosters to live and the long-awaited 'shedding' of a winter coat.

I've dreamed of a Doctor in a world unknown, and a harbinger carrying tragedy on its darkened wings. When birds don't take to the sky, something else must ascend to the heavens. And sharpening ones beak on a diamond mountain must take less time than the foretold one second of eternity to wear it down.

But perhaps most alarming, I've dreamed of fire in the city of Heropa -- the screams of civilians with buildings ablaze. But this fire burns more than buildings to ashes. It leads to chaos, confusion, and rebirth. Like a phoenix rising from the flame, so, too, will imPorts.

There have been more. Fragments. Pieces. Often stringing together over time to form a larger puzzle. And once they do come together, I will foretell them, as well. The beautiful thing about the future is though I might be able to see it, it can be changed.

And as for who I am, well, I would prefer to keep my identity to myself. But if you need a name attached to my words, you can refer to me as The Clairvoyant.
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Unless the fire's metaphorical as well, that's troubling to hear. Do you have any more specifics? Where in Heropa, and when? Any idea what causes it?

[He's taking the whole "prophecy" thing with a grain of salt, to be sure - but even if she's seeing only one possible outcome out of billions, it'd be irresponsible not to try and prevent it.]
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