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{Backdated} [Video: 001] Weds 9th December, Mid-Afternoon

[ When the video switches on, there's a woman dressed in black and dark green army gear, divested of weapons but clearly comfortable in uniform. Sharp viewers may recognise the outer facility area of one of the army bases, and there's a table next to her with obscured objects.

There's evidently someone else behind the camera, because there's an obvious pause as she waits for a signal to begin, before focusing directly ahead of her. Still wearing the protective helmet borrowed from the army, protective shades cover her eyes and the fabric of her balaclava is pulled up over her mouth. Someone doesn't want to be recognised on the network today - not her real face, anyway - and when she speaks, surprisingly clear, those who've had a chance to meet Agent Carolina in person will recognise her voice.

(Just don't ask about the power armor..)

I'm Agent Carolina. I believe some of you are already acquainted with some of my former colleagues from the UNSC space corp. The Government approached me with some intel that a few of our fellow Imports managed to dig up, intel that they wanted verified - and I did.

Congratulations. Thanks to you, we now know exactly where our neighbourhood party crashers came from.

[ She nods to the camera, and for a moment the screen goes black - followed by a series of black and white photographs of an island; first approaching from the sea, followed by a sequence of images leading off the shore, including a shot of a dead lemur spattered with poisoned darts, half collapsed over a device concealed in the sand.

Carolina doesn't speak again until there's a shot of a patrol group: an armored troop of humanoids, wearing a very familiar set of skullmasks, accompanying a heavy duty armored jeep as it trundled along a very well travelled path through jungle scrub.

They call the island 'Enoch'. It's just off the coast of Florida. [why is it always Florida?] I was under orders to keep my visit brief.

[ The image flickers again; this time? Video, initially shakey and lit up as though showing the world through night-vision goggles. Behold: the main enemy complex at the center of the island, the central building formed of a huge round dome, with the exterior formed out of an unusual-looking composite. The entire thing gives off the appearance of a huge human skull -- someone was paid well to emphasis a very specific aesthetic. ]

I couldn't see any aerial sweeps being done, but I don't think they were particularly worried about eyes in the sky. [The camera stops panning, instead zooming in on the local anti-aircraft artillery. Then the footage ends, and Carolina returns to the screen] There was a lot of troop movement, but how many there are was unclear, I couldn't get close enough for a better reading of numbers.

Either way, this place is well fortified, and they're well armed. They've obviously been here a very long time building a small army off the coast. They mean business. And until now? No one noticed. [...feels almost painfully familiar, actually]

I lacked the tools and time to hack their radio network, so I planted a device to track and decrypt transmissions on and off the island. Also picked up that lemur on my way out, and the trap it set off - might help to know just what kind of poisons they plan on injecting into trespassers. Anyone who's good with either? Get in contact.

If we're going to make a move, we should consider doing it soon. [her arms fold over her chest] I'll answer any questions best I can.
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[Sighs.] Of course it's a giant skull. Why wouldn't it be a giant skull?

[He's actually not that surprised that no one noticed the compound. Military intelligence is a huge oxymoron, in his experience.]

Anyway, good work, Agent. Do you have a better picture of those guns, by any chance?