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[Kang isn't quite in full Governor!mode, but he's definitely putting his political skills to use here.]

My name is Kang, for those of you whom I haven't met. Over the past few months, I've been assisting Claire Dearing, the Curator of Paleontology at the De Chima Museum of Natural History with a new imPort initiative - one that will greatly benefit imPorts of non-human status, or the animal companions of imPorts, that have difficulties in finding or acquiring necessities such as specialized medical care and housing.

[In other words: a lot of things are human-centric and it's time this problem was addressed.]

We have two events planned for this month: an interview and a fundraising dinner.

The Scene with Dan Rogers, a talk show on the Vulpine Channel, will be interviewing several non-human imPorts on December 17th. I'd like to thank everyone that has agreed thus far, and to extend an invitation to any other non-human Miss Dearing and I may have missed to join us in the interview.

I can assure you that the questions will be screened for appropriateness beforehand by myself and Miss Dearing.

[He knows things can go south veeeery quickly otherwise. Let's try to prevent an incident on live TV as much as possible.]

If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact either Miss Dearing or I as soon as possible.

The dinner is being hosted by the De Chima Museum of Natural History on December 29th at 6PM. Tickets are $15, and all proceeds go towards the initiative; both imPorts and natives are welcome to attend. If you would like more details on the dinner, contact Miss Dearing.

Additionally, we would appreciate any others who would like to offer their assistance in this initiative.

[With that done, he relaxes slightly and holds up his right hand to show the mass of scars on it, centered around the palm.]

And speaking of this initiative, I have a question.

This may be a long shot, but are there any imPorts who specialize in neurobiology, particularly of the non-human variety?

[Details on the interview plot are here.]
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Hey, good for you.

[Not a non-human, as Kang is well aware, but he definitely agrees that there's a lot of human and human-passing privilege going on here.]

If you guys need like... somebody to carry stuff, let me know. I'm pretty good at that.

[He's kidding, a little. He can do more than carry things!]
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Cool. Have you been working at this long?

[It's hard to tell what Kang is up to on a daily basis -- generally, Riku sees him mostly in passing.]

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Unfortunately I cannot offer my assistance in your scientific inquiries, but I would be glad to be of some help in this talk show of yours. But first, I think, I must know a little more about what it is that we non-humans need assistance with. Medical care is fairly self explanatory, but what changes must be made to the housing system?
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Ah. So it is a matter of size, then. That is unsurprising; even if a surprising amount of us appear to be the same shape and size as human beings, in my experience, life across the galaxy has so much more variation than people here are aware of.

[While Saint Walker isn't as tall as Kang, seven feet tall isn't too large by his estimation, not when he spends his time with people who tower at ten feet tall and four feet tall alike, whether they are so round that they would not be able to fit through doorways, or dependent on twelve small limbs.]

It seems to me that custom lodgings may be necessary. It is not only a matter of housing, but a matter of furnishment as well.

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I'm not neurobio specifically, but I might be able to help depending on what it is you need.

[if nothing else, he's knowledgeable enough about general bio to look up some answers and understand what he's reading.]
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Uhhh obviously that depends on the particular species in question but generally speaking, no. The human central nervous system is fucking garbage at self-repair and scar tissue doesn't have a habit of spontaneously healing properly decades after the fact, and it's not much different for most other species.

[FUN FACT: he actually knows quite a bit about nerve damage and repair because his specific interest was genetic treatments for multiple sclerosis. but, again. in humans.]


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What's the extent of/what kind of background do you have in neurology?

[Aka, I read the brackets and...*peers at*]

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I haven't really had any trouble living here, honestly, but I would show up on TV if it were for a good cause like this.

[And because right now he actually kind of WANTS publicity but shhhh.]
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Are there a lot of non-human imports? I've met one or two at least, but...

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Good for Claire. And you, too, dude. Uh, is it required to be non-human to attend the fundraiser? I mean, I'll toss money at Claire's event anyway, but if I can get a dinner out of it, I'd go for that, too.

For your question: Not neuro-biology specifically, exactly, but the biology of alien, non-human lifeforms, an interest in neurology, and, ok, my non-xeno emphasis was definitely more of an interest in herpetology--and I have a ...particular interest in regrowth of limbs and that kind of thing.

Anyway, looks like you have a partial answer to your question in there somewhere--consider axolotls if you want a great example of limb regeneration, though not usually so after-the-fact--BUT have you considered that the regeneration MIGHT be related to a power you obtained here? Because, quite frankly, it doesn't matter what YOU are (although I'm more than a little curious about your biology, but understandably that does tend to scare people off, so I won't lead in with that...forget I said anything)--point is, I'm human. And there are a few things I can do here than are not generally abilities humans are known to have.
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[[Youko had to tell me what a Kender was and :| ...probably not inaccurate.]]

Well, alternatively, it could be the nanites. I've got a friend-- [Stop. Hold up. Not disclosing that--] --I've HEARD the nanites are capable of healing and keeping disease at bay, so who's to say it won't heal a...a long-standing injury with enough time. shit.

A year or so, you said? What kind of injury is healing, exactly?

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[It's Kang's familiar voice and scaly lizard face that makes Inuyasha violently press the 'reply' button on his communicator.]

Hey, old man! I haven't seen your ugly mug around for a while!
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You could say that. I'm not interested in any stupid tricks, though.

[But actual swordsmanship? He's 500% down for that.]

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