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003; video; made at about 3 p.m.

 [ See Sora.

See Sora in a Santa hat looking way too cheerful. ]

With Christmas coming next week, don't forget to let Santa know what you want, guys!

[ There's no sign of shame or embarrassment at clearly being too old to believe in Santa and yet apparently doing so. None. ]

And don't forget to leave him a thank you note or something. He's a pretty cool guy. [  He nods, affirming his own answer. ] I actually met him in Christmas Town before.

[ Being half-Disney is magical. ]

-- Hey, Riku! We should have a Christmas party!

[ That last bit is shouted to somewhere off camera as the video ends. ]

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[kid... aren't you a little old to be believing in santa........ yeah he looks pretty skeptical.]

"Christmas Town," huh? What is that, a theme park?
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That still sounds like a theme park.
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[Well see now you're just not making sense. "Theme park world," sheesh...]

Disneyworld. You're talking about Disneyworld.
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video; don't i know it lmfao

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[Qubit rubs his temple with two fingers, giving Sora a look like he can't decide whether he's delusional or merely stupid. (Because if he doesn't understand what someone's going on about, then it's their fault. Obviously.)

... But then, Doctor Who is real, apparently. He should at least give the kid some kind of chance.]

Where are you from?
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[Holds up a hand] All right, let me stop you there a second. Let me see if I have this straight. You're claiming that, in your universe, you have towns devoted to Earth-specific holidays, a Disney kingdom ruled by Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, and man-eating whales?

I mean, the whales are plausible, but still.
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video; and then disney castle's lawyers show up with a cease and desist

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[Rolls his eyes] Because her name's in the title. Look, you must be hearing how outlandish this all sounds, right? And I say this as an avid interdimensional traveler myself. I've seen worlds where the dominant lifeforms are masses of sapient toxic ooze, or where - where a sneeze constitutes a marriage proposal, for heaven's sake. [THAT SECOND ONE IS CANON. Also, he's banned for life from that one.] And you're the one whose story sounds outlandish.

[Like, he's not mad about this exactly, just exasperated.]
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video; also it occurs to me i should prolly ask you if 4th walling is ok

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Oh, I'm not making-! [SIGH. Don't get mad, he's just a kid. Qubit runs a hand through his hair before resuming.]

All right. You have access to a computer, don't you? Google Walt Disney. You'll see what I'm talking about.