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video; CW: animal neglect

[A VERY URGENT message shows up on the comms at around 11 PM Christmas night. Qubit is outdoors in Heropa with one George O'Malley, both their overcoats liberally dusted with snow despite the fact it's not snowing in Florida. (It is snowing in De Chima, however.) Both appear to be cradling something very small and helpless inside said coats.]

Does anyone know a good emergency vet that's open right now?

[George seemed to teeter slightly as he steps off a curb. It could simply be from the distress and panic of rescuing puppies on Christmas - or it could be the somewhat large amount of bourbon he put into his very small body over the past two and a half hours. Really, it’s a toss-up. Dogs, or booze.

He leans in Qubit’s general direction, gesturing.]

Do you think CPR’s different if it’s on a dog? [Then, slurred but urgent-] Don’t touch it too much, the blood vessels could expand too fast.

What do you mean, "don't touch it too much"? I can't not touch it, it's barely the size of my hand. Look, just - let's just get them a vet. Neither of us is qualified for this. [He looks back to the camera, trying not to be distressed (but being a little distressed).] Please hurry. The rest of the litter was already gone, I don't know how long these two will last.

((ooc: green is Qubit, blue is George!))
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If you bring it back to the house I could probably heal them.

[Her healing is the same on a dog as it is in a person right?]
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I'm pretty sure; I mean, I've never tried it with animals but the principal's the same.

[You have no idea Qubit.]
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I think now would be a great time to find out!

[George shuffles into the shot and unzips his coat just enough for Gwen to see the top of a tiny puppy head.]
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Alright. Are you bringing them back here or am I supposed to come to you?

[Qubit is probably aware of her unregistered status and the fact that it's why she'd want to do anything inside rather then outside.]
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[Gwen's waiting in the living room with blankets and pillows for the puppies. She's completely unimposing. A small, now eighteen year old redhead who looks like she'd be more at home in a library rather then a world full of superheros.]

I made a spot for them. How bad are they?
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[George stumbles coming through, and blinks in confusion for a bit at Gwen before seeming to understand what's just happened. He unzips his snow-dusted coat and pulls out the tiny little bean of a puppy.]

This one's still shivering, which is good. You should look at Qubit's first.
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[She nods, moving to Qubit.

Her hands started to glow a violet before she carefully rested them over the puppy; not quire touching it. She closed her eyes and sent mana into the tiny thing, willing it to heal what had been damaged and strengthen it. Honestly, she'd really only done this for mostly minor wounds on Ben and Kevin during fights, but again, the concept seemed the same - in theory. All things were made of mana so mana SHOULD be able to heal and protect all things.

Once she'd finished she continued to watch the puppy with worry.]

If this doesn't work we should call that guy, or Gogo as soon as we can.

[Even saying that she hoped it worked.]
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[George marvels at the change in the puppy's movement, and passes his over quickly.]
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She's a healer ... I think.

[Gwen's not even sure what to say to that since she's never had anyone call her abilities awesome before. She just takes the pupbean from him and gathers together another glowing handful of mana, resting her hand over the pupbean and carefully letting the mana sink in.]

There's a heating pad under the blankets. It should make due till we can make something better for them.
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Don't, like, massage it. That's what they always say. No hot water, no alcohol, and no massages.

[He looks down at the little wriggly pup in his coat and tries to think like a doctor. Maybe he could do a cardiopulmonary bypass. Except - no, that is a terrible idea, it would require extensive veterinary education and an emergency room full of tiny equipment. A tiny emergency room. Would that work? Why do the streetlights look so big?]
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No, no, that's for humans. Just general hypothermia advice. [Because that's useful right now.] We didn't learn puppies - but Izzie saved a deer once!
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This guy hit it with his truck and his kid made him bring it to the ER. She used paddles on it and everything

[Said as reverently as is possible while drunk and holding a cold puppy.]
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It worked 'cause it was Izzie.

[He unzips his jacket a bit to check on the puppy.]

She could probably do a cardiopulmonary bypass on a puppy.

[For all that he's stumbling around right now, it's sort of impressive that George can say "cardiopulmonary bypass" flawlessly.]
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[hhhhh dogs in distress, this could not hit Jonathan in more sensitive areas if it tried.]

If your friend isn't capable of healing them, I definitely am. [always good to have a backup, right?] And my home is open if you need somewhere for them to stay.
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Of course. I can give you the name of the one I take my dog to, if you need it.

[it's a civilian outfit, but Jonathan doesn't discriminate and he knows that the dogs don't either. they love anyone who spends even a moment of their time helping.]

Do you know what happened..?
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[he nods, and while he certainly doesn't look any more pleased about the situation there's a soft easing of tension in his shoulders. Jonathan can't help but fear the worst any time he hears of misfortune befalling an animal - personal experience has shaped him that way.]

It's always difficult for animals to deal with sudden changes in weather, let alone little ones. [he gives a small sigh] I can't imagine they're the only ones in need of help tonight.
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No. We've still got out work cut out for us, even in times like these.

[he'd hoped that some of this would have changed from his own days, but Jonathan supposes that a problem like this was too vast to be solved in a measly hundred or so years.]
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You hold the mouth closed with your hand as a seal so when you blow in the air gets through properly. Compressions would be the same as on an infant. If they're cold let them warm up naturally with your own body heat.

[ somebody did a bunch of research before adopting his own pup... ]
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Do you still need help?
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Let me know. I volunteer at the Humane Society and I like dogs.
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That's great! I'm glad to hear they'll be going to a good place.
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If y'all still need help, I can be there in a moment.

[He can't just let animals die. It's against his code. And shit, this is upsetting to him.]

Least let me know if it's okay and made it...
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What happened to the mother?