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Pre recorded video Just after midnight on January 3rd

[The camera blinks on, a long shot of a forest clearing. The area is lit in an eerie green light, illuminating what would usually be a very dark night. In the center of this scene is a large, old looking well with two boys standing by it.

Both look very familiar to those who’ve met them. Peter Pan and Tetsuo.

Peter steps around the well, circling it as he drops obscured objects inside. Every now and then one might catch glimpses of a bottle or a dust leaving his hand as they fall into the depths of the well. Those with a keen eye might be able to make out what they are, rainbow like liquid, ebony feathers of a certain monster, ash of the undead and so on.

Peter smiles turning to Tetsuo.]

It is almost done, Tetsuo. Are you ready?

[Tetsuo watches Pan work with an idle curiosity. The more the boy works, the wider his smile grows - he’s almost grinning by the time Peter turns his attention to him.]
Heh. Like you have to ask…

[Peter’s smile is far more calm and minute. Keep his own exhilaration buried beneath the surface. He makes a show of stepping aside, raising his arms to welcome Tetsuo forth to make a move towards the well.]

Then step forward and look inside the well and all you need to do is make your wish. Then you’ll no longer have to live in Kaneda’s shadow.

[Tetsuo does, barely sparing Pan a further glance as he closes the distance in a few strides, staring intently down.

Pan all the while takes this to step around Tetsuo to be directly behind the other. His smile widening even more so.]

Oh, there’s just one thing I forgot to mention, Tetsuo. You see, this spell requires something of me. I need to give up something to make it work. Do you know what that is?

[There’s a hint of uncertainty to Tetsuo’s voice now, head tilting to the side-] Give up something?

Yes. The heart of the thing I love most.

[The moment seems to happen all at once. Peter’s hand lunges forward towards Tetsuo’s back and sinks right in. It’s far too quick to tell what happens but Peter pulls out a glowing something. The malice in Peter’s eyes alight as he finally steps back around to the front of the well to face Tetsuo, clutching the thing as he does so.]

[Tetsuo doesn’t do much more than cry out - there’s no time to react. He watches Pan in confused horror, widening eyes darting from the thing in his hand to his face.]

You see, Tetsuo, you were needed to finish this little spell off. Our friendship was something I truly treasured. You were the most loyal follower I had here and with that love you’ve helped me. So thank you and be flattered.

[He holds it out in front of him over the well, the camera now getting a full view of it. It’s heart. A glowing red (And possibly very blackened) heart. It’s then Peter squeezes it in a vice like grip and his victim will experience all the pain as the heart begins to crumble into dust in his hand.]

[Tetsuo screams. He reaches out, face contorting as he tries to focus, hands clawing at empty air. He falls to his knees first, fighting desperately to try to get back up one last time ... then his eyes dull, and he crumples to the ground.]

[With Tetsuo’s screams gone there’s an eerie silence that fills the air. What was once a heart in Peter’s hand is nothing but ash. He opens it slightly letting the ash spill out like an hourglass into the well.
Everything is still, quiet as Peter looks to the well with that grin on his face.
Then like a boiling kettle erupting a green mist explodes outwards and begins to seep out and spill across the ground. The boy steps around the mist to look at Tetsuo’s now lifeless body. He presses his foot against the ashen cheek of his victim rolling their head back and forth with a grin.]

Let the games begin.

[With one final look, he looks at the camera, that charming smile he use to give twisting into something of a wicked sneer.

Peter has succeeded in the one game his enemies might never thought he could pull off again.

Trick everyone into believing he was good.

Then the camera shuts off.]

Green is Peter Pan
Black is Tetsuo
The Ruse Log can be found here and the Invading Neverland Log here, information on the even can be found here

Peter will respond to this for a bit)
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[She's almost frozen, horrified. She can't look away.]



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[video] / locked only to Peter

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[Words can't describe what Kaneda feels right now. There's nothing...nothing that can compare to the amount of pain he feels from watching this. The fact that he couldn't help, the fact that Tetsuo had called out to him earlier, and he'd felt the life slowly drift away as he tried to make his way out the door to save him. Feeling that contact cut permanently and leaving him in silence.

--you’ll no longer have to live in Kaneda’s shadow.

Those words ring in Kaneda's ears like a bell, slow and solemnly as he watches on the feed. He's confused, in a way--he knew Pan enough. In fact, the boy had helped him on a few occasions. What was this for?

Why...why was Tetsuo with him?

Why would he DO this???

Questions he'll never get the answer to now, looking in the background to see Tetsuo's limp body, the mist starting to seep out and around them.]

What the hell...



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[The video is a good couple of minutes long and by the end of it he's vaguely aware that he's sitting up ramrod straight, knuckles white around his comm. It's not like he and Tetsuo are close, not really. In fact he's pretty sure Tetsuo wouldn't give a shit if he were run over tomorrow. But there's an unspoken link there, not to mention Riku's own friendship with Kaneda.

It's with a level voice he replies to this, expression dark.]

I knew there was something off about you. Little Peter Pan, pretending he's such a good boy. You can't possibly not be aware of what you've just invited on yourself.

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That is sick. You are horrible! How could you just...do that to someone you love?!


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[Mewtwo has thought about stopping Tetsuo once and for all, just not holding back on his powers and letting the human nuisance have it.

But what a surprise, someone else has beaten him to it and seeing it? Well, seeing it is a wholly different thing. Not at all as satisfying. Not what he wanted.]

you used him.

[Anger? Not really. More shock.]


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[First Charlie. Now this shit. This fucking piece of shit.]

[To his credit, there's a lifetime of Ben-Hassrath training holding him back right now. Keeping the level in his voice. Keeping the anger held rigorously in check. Keeping everything casual.]

About time you showed your face.

Not playing your Nice Guy cards anymore, huh?

[... Keeping the urge to wring this scrawny little neck between his thick fingers buried nice and deeply.]


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[Hazel had been preoccupied for most of the day with the inexplicable mist and jungle - how could she not? the damn thing had flung her clear across the city when she'd slammed her null field down at the sight of it barreling towards her house. this was uncomfortably similar to things she'd encountered at home, and she didn't like it one bit.

the video catches her eye as she's trawling the network for updates on anyone she knows - and, oh, that's not the familiar face she wants to see like this. Hazel can feel her imaginary heart constrict right along with Tetsuo's, and the moment the organ shatters she knows that this is the worst kind of reunion with her home universe.

you'll no longer have to live in Kaneda's shadow. what a stupid, obvious trap. and of course he'd fallen for it, because he was a stupid obvious hothead that couldn't see when he was being played like a fiddle. fucking asshole. where did he get off, falling into something this dangerous and doing it where she couldn't stop him?

not for the first time Hazel's glad that she only texts on the network. her response is ice cold, even as just outside the border of Neo Neverland her throat is closing up so quickly she can't even contemplate forming words. fuck, she wished she could still cry.]

I'll see you later, alright? Don't fucking go anywhere. We're gonna party.

[this Pan was just like the supernatural creatures of home: arrogant, self-important, and completely blind to the worth of any other being beyond what they could afford to bolster his own amusement. there's no blood in her veins, but Hazel can feel it running hot when she sees him play with Tetsuo's corpse like a fucking toy.

she couldn't save him now, same as always. but one thing that Hazel could do was give Tetsuo the retribution he deserved - and she was determined to carve right onto Pan's fucking face no matter what price she had to pay for it.]

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[Sabriel's face is as dead-white as it always is, and her expression seems strangely rigid. Her tone is carefully controlled, but undertones of absolute fury still manage to seep through.]

You will answer for this.


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[ That's Dad's friend. Carl doesn't know who the other guy is -

oh god.

oh no.

Carl quickly realizes Dad is not going to rest until this boy is killed, in the brutal, bloody matter Dad has become used to utilizing. Or at least help in taking him down.

And Carl is not going to let Dad to do this alone. ]

You're going to die.

permavideo; it's all cool!

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video | id reads "power girl"

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[ The blood rushes to her face instantly and she grits her teeth, hissing through them. ]


[ But it's too late. She can't do anything for Tetsuo now. ]

What the hell are you trying to accomplish here?!


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[Ken says nothing. Ken doesn't bother. He knows that the only thing that'll have any effect is to take action on his own.

But he memorizes Pan's face. He memorizes his voice. And he takes a screenshot of his face just in case before he shuts off his comm and moves to Kaneda's room. New target: Peter Pan.]
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[Anastasya wasn't familiar with the spell, but she knew dark magic when she saw it. Something potent enough to require a catalyst like that, well...It wasn't sometihng she'd thought she see in this mostly magickless world. Still, she couldn't help but be curious.]

What could possibly be worth casting a spell as tainted as that one? I can't imagine you can do it without getting some kind of scar.

[She doesn't even sound judgey. She's learned to hide that when she has to. And she really is curious.]


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[video] - [Filtered]

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[video] - [Filtered]

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Well, would you take a look at that. I won't say I told you so...

[ But it takes one to know one. Since their first meeting, Lucifer has kept an eye on Pan; it's a wonderful act, but they both knew that's all it was. None the less, he'd held back and kept his silence, because the game Pan's playing, the lives he's taking? It's all part of the entertainment, all drives the market, as it were, and he does so like to see humans (or demi-gods, in this case) offing each other. Someone will bring down Pan, and that will be amusing too, and he didn't have to even lift a finger to get an invitation to the show.

It's also why he won't be cheering on for either side. He's an impartial angelic overseer, and even the fact that Peter has considered making moves against him in the past doesn't really bother him. After all, it just makes him feel important.


It's going to be bracing not to be enemy number one for a while, but I'll survive it somehow.


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Oh, my God.

[ Kitty's eyes are wide in genuine shock, genuine horror. ]

Are you - being controlled by someone else?

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[Winry hasn't been around much, has missed out on a lot this past month, involved with her self, but when she glances up toward the comm she sees this.

Her expression starts out being mildly curious and turns slowly to horror - she can guess what Peter means by 'what he loves most' and when he yanks out the other boy's heart, she yells out in impotent rage.]


[Fury is something she's not accustomed to but she has felt it before - dealing with the man who murdered her parents.]

I'd think the thing you love the most is yourself, Peter.

[And she hates she hadn't figured you out before.]


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[Eric's face looks almost weary as his own feed clicks on, he usually didn't involve himself in other people's matters but well, this was also his battleground as much as anyone else's.

He shakes his head slowly.
] Sacrificing the heart of something you love? That must be quite the powerful magic you're invoking young man.

[Even as he says it he's floating an athame towards him from his desk, holding it in his hands.] And the curse, what nature is it? [Because curses always required sacrifice. Even his own.]


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Re: [video]

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[ oh hell no.

not just for the fact that this is messed up on several levels, and the fucked upness of it in general would make thomas's blood boil, but that's tetsuo. the idiot, too eager, hyped up kid that thomas had been mentoring for the last few months.

instantly, there's guilt. for not teaching him more. for telling him to keep out of other peoples' heads. if he'd let him be as invasive as he pleased, he would've seen that comming, wouldn't he? even knowing how much tetsuo would abuse it, even know how wrong that would be, he'd still be alive, wouldn't he? ]

You're dead. [ and dead a second time, when tetsuo is revived, probably. thomas isn't even going to try stopping him. ]
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[He'd been watching the network to see if anyone knew anything about that mystery fog that had taken over Heropa, but whatever he'd expected at the beginning of the video, it wasn't that.

He doesn't know Tetsuo at all, but his expression is tight with horror, with anger, with distress.]

--What the hell is wrong with you?!

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[not here]

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[ Rick has come to be a silent observer of Tetsuo's shenanigans over the network. He's always fighting someone. He's always going off either about or to Kaneda. So the fact that here he is, making a wish to not live in Kaneda's shadow any longer isn't surprising.

But this whole thing is suspicious. Rick doesn't like what he's seeing, and he instantly distrusts Pan -- the way Rick distrusts many people at first. But this time, it turns out that he has reason. He barely blinks and nearly misses the way Peter lunges out and drives his hand into Tetsuo's chest. Rick feels his own heart beat stop for a moment and his blood run cold.


This can't be real. It has to be fake.

But the look on Tetsuo's face, the shocked betrayal. That is what makes this real for Rick. He can only watch as the psychic, normally so strong and full of bravado, crumbles to his knees in silence as his heart withers away to dust. Peter Pan is speaking, but Rick can't make out the words -- so focused is he on Tetsuo. Rick wills him to move, wills this to be a lie, and curses the longer Tetsuo lies there motionless.

And finally, before the video shuts off, Rick looks up at Peter Pan's face. He stares at it with cold fury, memorizing everything there is to know about it. Whether it's from Rick or someone else, that kid is going to get what's coming to him tenfold.

He quietly drops the communicator and then goes to load up his guns. Looks like Rick Grimes is taking a trip to Neverland. ]
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video; id is impulse

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[To say Bart was horrified by what he saw would be an understatement. Death is... never pleasant to watch. But still, the jolt of disbelief, of shock and disgust, is something he has to bury. Something he has to swallow down so he can pull the mask of responsibility on tight and secure.

When he responds, his brows are furrowed, his jaw clenched in barely constrained anger. He didn't know Tetsuo personally, but hearing the outcries, the pain this broadcast caused....]

You don't do that to-- that's not what loving people is!
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[The horror on Gogo's face is probably one of the most open and vulnerable expressions she's had in a long time, and immediately after the broadcast is over it turns into cold rage.

She doesn't like Tetsuo, not really. He's angry, and violent, and arrogant, which adds up to a generally unpleasant person to try and talk to. But she can relate to him. She doesn't know his story (having not been into the same kinds of movies as her friends), but she knows it was bad. Bad enough that he knew what she'd been going through the first couple of months after...after August. They'd been through something similar enough to understand each other.

Watching him die was unfair, and that his life ended like this? It's clear enough from the video that Pan abused his trust to pull off whatever this...spell...is.

She's shaking, fists clenched hard enough to turn her hands white out of frame.]

You're going to be stopped. [Her voice is clipped, tightly controlled to hold back the urge to threaten him. Threats won't work, they don't hold any weight for this boy. She's not going to waste her breath on them. Only a promise. Someone's going to catch him.]

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[ Peter Pan. Peter Pan.

Grey knows him. He'd been to his campsite. He had thought the boy was strange, but not in a bad way. Strange in the way that nearly everyone from a different culture feels strange to Grey, and most people here are from a different culture.

He hadn't seen the danger.

He's not fazed by the murder. Violence doesn't horrify him; he's seen far too much of it for that. So despite what he's just witnessed, he's calm. And he still dislikes video, so that isn't going to happen.

this isnt a game
what are you doing peter ?

what is it for ?


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