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☠♔ 002 [Video]

[What a week. The face of the blonde appearing on the feed has less of his usual icy poise and looks more worn out. He's currently holed up in bed. He looks more worn out and inconvenienced, his blonde hair scuffled and bags forming under his eyes.]

Let it be said that there hasn't been a challenge I haven't been able to overcome.

That being said, I prefer not to do it again. Which is why I'm taking the next couple days off and making use of these 'bath bombs'. Did you know each one has a different set of oils, scents, and colors? I didn't.

It's one of the few good things I've learned from this experience. Another is to try to avoid the Heropa downtown area if you can't help it. Some advice to all you new people.

And for those of you I'm rooming with, I want complete quiet for the next few days. I need to rejuvenate myself.
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Can't say I blame you. I'm tempted to do the same myself.

[Not enough that he'll actually commit to it, probably. But he does have a gift certificate to a spa...]

Get some rest. It's been a long week.
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ok video too

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Ah. Little Komasan, you mean? Yes, he's an... interesting character.