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[ Finally, Miles gets to post to this infamous network. He's been here a week now, and mostly figured himself out, but ...

A smiling, genuine face appears on his end of the viewscreen. Miles has angled his comm such that his unusual stature is nearly invisible. The sharp-eyed might notice the back of his chair being higher than his head, but otherwise he looks quite professional in his neat gray uniform. Very nearly the mercenary fleet admiral he is - is pretending to be - a little bit of both. ]

Good morning - afternoon? Ah, the joys of all being on one planet. My name is Miles Naismith. Admiral of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. [ A beat; the smile doesn’t waver. ] Alas, I seem to be without both mercenaries and fleet at the moment.

I’m not entirely convinced by this whole registering idea, though. Tell me - those of you who are registered, why do you do it? Ideals? Practicality? Adrenaline?

[ He shifts a bit onscreen - and winces a bit, as an unseen bruise makes itself known. Right, he had another purpose. ]

And - er, are there any healers who are interested in work? I could really use someone dedicated to handling broken bones on a regular basis. I've found one lovely lady already, but it seems prudent to have a list on hand.
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Personally, I don't trust this government as far as I can throw it. But that's me. I won't deny it's easier to be registered - for some, it's the only viable option. It shouldn't be, but that's how things stand at present.

[tl;dr he's unsettled. because when does Qubit ever take the easy road.]
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Hm. Not a bad idea.

[Not too different from what they had going on back home, actually. An independently wealthy backer, so they could do their work without being tied to any particular government...]

That's going to require a lot of funding, though. And putting it together could paint a target on your back.
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Do you already have a plan in mind?
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You'll want to be cautious with corporate interests. ImPort or no, they've got their bottom line to look after.

What's your background, incidentally? Nautical, obviously, but ...?

[He's leaning toward offering help or advice or something, but he's not sure what Naismith would actually need. Like, he's not even clear on whether the Fleet means spaceships, battleships, or clipper ships.]
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[Oh well there you go :D]

Oh, good. I'm from the 21st, myself, so if you'd like to know if anything in particular is viable under the current tech level and cultural climate, I can advise on that.
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Well, to their credit, at least they're not still dependent on fossil fuels.