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[When the imPorts open their comms, they will come face to face with an uncharacteristic image, ensuring that even imPorts who attempt to ignore broadcasts at large will see it. This is, after all, relevant to each and every imPort.

The image is nothing more than a black screen with white text superimposed on it: STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

After a moment, the image will be quickly replaced by one of L. Chases, seated at her desk, hands folded in front of her. Her expression may be grim, but it is firm, and there is nothing but ferocity behind her stare.]

Attention all imPorts, [she starts off, voice crisp and clear.]

We are now in a state of national emergency. As of January 20th, the USSR has officially declared war on the United States, effectively endangering not only the people of America, but the world as a whole. In this time of need there is a strong chance we may have to call upon you, imPorts, to do your duty in protecting your own.

As a part of this declaration of war, the USSR has abducted approximately fifty imPorts, a number which may yet continue to grow. We do not yet know how this was accomplished, but you have our word that our intelligence is active and ready to uncover what form of technology could abduct you from afar.

We are currently in talks with foreign aid and the UN. Retaliation is a risky prospect, but I assure you, we will retaliate. That time draws near, and when it does, we will be asking for your assistance.

Until then, stay aware, alert, and cautious, imPorts. We cannot afford to lose any more of you, and more importantly, your fellows cannot afford it.

[And with that, her broadcast ends. There will be no replies.]
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[ Shit. Shit. Shit. Well. Billy's absence is...suddenly a lot more ominous. Kitty's voice is a little strained as she says: ]

Right, so - we ought to have a...roll call. Who's missing. I think Billy Kaplan is gone. Kidnapped, I mean. Does anyone know of others?
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[It pains him that this message brings him any sense of relief, but it does. Even so, his hands shake as he attempts to respond]

Newton Geiszler is mising.
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[Jacob's voice is hushed and heavy, but also resolved. There's iron in it.]

That's it then. It's started- for real.

[There's the ch-chack sound of a gun being loaded.]

We're at war.
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So the 'weapons' they were talking about taking hostage were imPorts.

[Is that what they're seen as? Weapons? Things? Sabriel feels a dull horror rise in her stomach- and beneath it, fury.]

We've got to get them back.
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Excuse me, I am very worried about the people who have been abducted, but I have no intention of being a walking weapon.
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Great, next the nukes come in. Boy, this alternate universe is heading down the exact place I was expecting it to.
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We're people, not your -damn- personal armoury.
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I dreamed about this just last night. ImPorts disappearing without a trace, leaving nothing behind where they stand. It akin to a rapture, only their confinements aren't of the heavenly sort.

I couldn't make out much about their surroundings in my vision. I'm sorry. But I can say that, at least for now, they're together.
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[oh my GOD

He's so unimpressed.]

Very cute. "We cannot afford to lose any more of you"? So we've all agreed to be soldiers, then? Registered or not, none of us came here with the intention of fighting this war.
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[This whole thing was so far at the back of his mind he hardly considered it. Not that it was surprising.]

that's what it is then. who will use us for worse means.
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What the hell do you mean, you don't know how they did it? You can't just up and lift fifty people without anyone knowing what happened to 'em!
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I don't care how risky it is we gotta retaliate! I'm gonna retaliate so hard.
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This again...

[ He just wants to try and live a peaceful life. He doesn't have anything else to say. ]
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Don't act like it's different when someone else abducts us. You guys did it first.

[He normally wouldn't reply to this. But lately, being something used and abused by the government's been even more a sore spot than ever. He's replying even before he realizes.]
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Well, what a pickle you're all in.

[ Hi everybody, he's only here to remind you that he didn't get kidnapped.

Aren't you lucky? Even while he's in jail no one can catch a break. ]
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It's not very nice of you to refer to people as weapons, you know.

But I'll accept your transgressions for now.
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Yes, you can't afford to lose any more of your weapons.
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Whoa, what?! Really?! Oh no, it really happened!

[ 0 to 100 real quick, being in this place. At least for him, but he's new. He only sort of halfway understands what's going on. ]

If the bad guys think we're weapons, what does that mean? What're they gonna do with us?! This isn't just any old natural emergency! [ Uh -- read that wrong, sport. A considering pause ] But if most of us are still here then that's a lot of people left to help save the day, hustle!
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[ Video ]

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[ Max is frowning down at the screen. ]

You don't even give us a face to talk to? Just words on a screen? If I voiced my concerns or my ideas or anything, would anyone hear me at all?
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