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12, Video

[Major-General Armstrong is standing in her small, Spartan office, her back to the camera. As always, she's in her blue Amestris army uniform, though this time, she's also wearing a long, dark coat lined with fur at the collar. She very deliberately reaches up to grab a long, ornately decorated saber from where it hangs on the wall.] So it's come to this.

How many of you know war, I wonder? Not the violence of a brawl, or play-acting at being heroes, but war. I know it far too well. Back where I come from, I command a fortress at the border my nation shares with its greatest enemy. Amestris and Drachma have been at varying states of war for decades.

[She turns to the camera, resting the tip of her saber on the floor.] What they do not tell you is that war is boring. If you were under my command, every day you'd sweep the battlements for icicles. You'd maintain our weapons, our tanks. You'd ensure our supplies are sufficient to withstand a siege. War is drudgery, day to day.

And then, one day, you're awoken by artillery shells exploding twenty feet from your head. You scramble for your rifle, to get dressed in the pitch black of night, wondering if the next shell is going to be twenty feet closer. You're too scared to even piss your goddamn pants. And even when your orders cut through the chaos, you won't stop being scared. But you damn well do your duty, as you've been trained.

The sound of bullets... it's a curious sound. Quite beautiful, in its way. Bullets whistle, coming past your ear. [She mimicks the sound, a little thwip, with her own mouth.] In that instant, you don't realize that hearing the bullet means that if you'd been standing six inches to the right, your brains would be over the floor. [A tiny, cold smirk tugs at her mouth.] Hearing the bullet is good, because it means you're still alive to have heard it.

This declaration of war is a declaration of war not just on this nation, but on imPorts. We are under attack, and if they want war I damn well mean to wage it.

The courageous, join me. The rest, stay behind our backs. War is no place for the weak-hearted.
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And here come the hawks, right on schedule. [derisively. CAN YOU GUESS WHO'S IN THE DOVE CAMP...]

General Armstrong, are you familiar with the concept of nuclear holocaust? I am. If this war gets off the ground - the second someone hits that button - it's not going to be a romantic affair. This will be a war where civilians aren't just incidental casualties, but primary targets. It'll be fought not with soldiers, but with intercontinental missiles, disproportionate retaliation, preemptive strikes. Whatever doomsday devices they may have hidden up their sleeves, on both sides. And that's not even to mention the imPorts.

Millions could die. Hundreds of millions of innocent people, men, women, and children alike. And most of them won't die quickly. I've seen cities left empty except for the dead and the moans of the dying. People still alive, but too weak to move out of their own waste, their skin sloughing off in chunks, and no one can help them because that's everyone.

[Nearly the first thing they'd done, after it was over, was to assess the damage. And as close as he could figure, the radioactive cloud had done more concrete harm in a few short days than all the Plutonian's rampages combined. China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, and on, and on... Entire regions, entire countries, littered with bodies. Entire peoples, obliterated.

Never again.]

Tell me. Is that the war you damn well mean to wage?
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-01-28 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course they don't want a nuclear war, nobody wants one. But by declaring war and not launching that first strike, they're leaving themselves vulnerable to the same thing by the US. They're pointing a cannon at their heads and daring America to pull the trigger.

It doesn't make sense. They've got something else up their sleeves, mark my words. And for all we know, it could be even worse. Retaliate with military force, and you're playing right into their hands.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-02-12 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
[Qubit's frown deepens. That's all it ever is, isn't it? Impunity. Doing it to prove you can. Strength versus weakness. Nothing but an international pissing contest with billions of lives at stake.]

That's a gamble, Armstrong. Oh, they may not risk it right away. Maybe not for years, maybe never. But as long as there's a state of war at all, the threat of escalation is there. Never underestimate what people are willing to do when you back them into a corner.

I'm not advocating passivity here, far from it, but this isn't some... noble clash of titans, or whatever you think it is. It's the kind of war where you're constantly one poor decision away - somebody else's poor decision, mind - from total annihilation. It's inglorious, it's foolish, and most of all it's unwinnable.
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