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[And here's Max, sounding tired and scared, but determined nonetheless.]

Can everyone hear me? This is Max Caulfield. I'm not sure this is working, but I'm gonna try it.

[A pause that's punctuated by a deep, shaky breath, and Max continues.]

We've been kidnapped. I'm sure you've already noticed by now, but I figured I'd start with that anyway. [As it turns out, Max is every bit as awkward as she usually is, if not more so.] We're not hurt... at least, not as far as I can tell. We can't use our powers. They've told us we're "property of the USSR." [Her tone more than denotes how much she thinks of that little detail, but she moves on.] But we're okay... I think. We're not injured, as far as I can tell.

They've told us we're in space, but... I don't know. A lot of us don't think that's right, but hell if I know where we are. They could be telling the truth, but they could also just be trying to scare us.

Look... I know this is a lot to deal with, but please don't do anything crazy. We're fine.

[At least for now.]

Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna try and figure more stuff out, and I know a lot of us being held over here are trying, too.
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["Property." Ugh. This is throwing all his complaints about the US government into stark perspective. ... I mean, not that that'll stop him complaining, but now at least he knows for a fact it could be worse.]

Hang in there, Max. And thanks for the intel. You're a very brave girl.
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It does. [Every little bit counts.]

I know I'm not the first to promise this, but we will get you out of there.