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Most of you have probably heard from news reports and the kidnapped imPorts that they are being held on a space shuttle.

[He snorts in a very inelegant manner.]


It's a diversion; a common and long-used war tactic that I am very familiar with.

I believe it to be a trap to draw imPorts away from the US so that the Russians stand a better chance of attack. At the very least, it is an attempt to pull resources from where they are most needed.

[He shifts a few pieces of paper off-screen and continues.]

From my understanding of the current level of technology on this world, such a thing would take an enormous amount of resources. At least fifty people have been taken; they will, of course, need several guards as well. That requires a hell of a lot of food, water, and oxygen over several days. The Russians can't have their confiscated weapons dying on them, after all. [So, so dry.] I find it difficult to believe that a shuttle of the required size would escape attention for too long, or that the Russians would be willing to spend that much money when they can hold hostages elsewhere.

Where everyone is actually being held, or how they were taken in the first place, we unfortunately don't have enough information for yet.

[He's purposely leaving it open for others to add anything else they know.]
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You have a point. We're the closest thing to a missile defense system the US has, as far as I'm aware. [They'd have publicized the hell out of it if they did. Or even if they didn't. Star Wars, anyone?] Luring us out of the country could be a prelude to a nuclear strike. It'd be unimaginably foolish, yes, but declaring war - and more importantly, drawing our attention - was a foolish move in the first place. I'm not sure I should put anything past them.