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Everyone who knows me knows I suck at this announcement shit, so just deal with it.

Xavier's school is open to the scientifically-inclined nerds of the imPort world.

Akito's busy trying to figure out how to block LACKEY from accessing our nanites, since that's the only commonality he can figure out between all the kidnapped people. If anyone else is working on the same thing he'd like it if you could contact him since he's having trouble pinpointing the frequency the nanites or LACKEY runs on.

The old geezer is working on... something. Fuck if I paid attention to whatever he said. [ spoiler: he fell asleep ] But he could use some help too before he gives himself a stroke.

The Russian servers are being blocked by that Lackey fucker. I'm not the best hacker around, but I'm not shit at it either. Everything I try fails. [ mutters something super uncomplimentary and crude about lackey's lineage despite lackey being. you know. an ai ] Anyone else have any luck with it yet?

And Xavier's isn't just open to science nerds. If anyone is scared or feels unsafe where they are they can come to the school and stay for a while, since it's being better protected than basic housing.

[ a pause here as he considers how to phrase this-- ]

Anyone in contact with their missing people know if the guards are wearing watches? If they are and they can see the time set on them it might be able to narrow things down to a timezone, especially if multiple guards are wearing watches and the times deviate slightly from each other.

[ private to his loser friends. ]

I'm going to assume you're all safe, since if something happened to the idiot crow the whole country'd have heard of it.

And when the hell were you planning on telling us that Sumeragi was here, huh? What the fuck! When did our world become a fucking interdimensional buffet!? Fucking bullshit! [ shh this doesn't mean he's worried about all of you assholes. really. ]


Mini Crow-Head, Akito's got some ideas he wants to throw at you in person. We're in room 210 now. [ a proud chuff. ] Just wait until you see the new work station we set up. Bring an extra pair of pants for when you shit yourself.
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No luck yet with LACKEY, I'm afraid. Haven't had a chance yet to mess with the nanites. But I'll head over and we'll see what we can do putting our heads together.