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ACT V - video; | Backdated to 1/25 | Geocrypted

[ Max is in looking almost uncharacteristically dapper with a nice burgundy collared shirt and dark slacks. It's not as all-out as the suit he'll be wearing tomorrow, but he still looks presentable. He's in an airport, waiting for his next layover that will take him to Mexico City. ]

So guys, in the middle of all this... everything, [ accentuated with a vague gesture of his hands ] I don't know that everyone world government's gonna be jumping at the chance to get involved in the war effort. I think one of our main obstacles for getting help is what's gonna happen if the Soviets decide to retaliate against anyone who supports us.

So I was thinking: What if we — not the government, but us actual ImPorts — offered some kind of protection? Maybe put together some kind of... I don't know, volunteer strike force to step in if Russia tried to strongly discourage other countries aiding the USA. Just offer them some kind of reassurance that they're not the ones who'll be paying the price.

I know it's really short notice and all, but if we made an offer like that to Mexico City, would anyone be up to participate?
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Offering to be the US's guard dogs, you mean.

As if we didn't have targets painted on our backs already.
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Okay, but--

Are we reaching out as ImPorts or are we reaching out as proxies of the US government?

You're heading to Mexico to ask them to help out America, not to provide refuge or resources to ImPorts. They aren't going to be helping us, they're going to be helping the U.S., and that's an important fucking distinction. Alliances already include the agreement to watch each other's backs and--

Fuck. Far be it for me to advocate this, considering all the shit-talking I've done about the government up 'til now--but I don't think we should be encouraging ImPorts to act independently of the government in a military context. You feel me?
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I get what you're going for, but--hm. [how to put this...] Alright, so right now the US considers us their property--or 'citizens' if you want to be charitable about it--to the point that we're not even allowed across a border without explicit prior permission, right? So let's say you manage to negotiate asylum for ImPorts with Mexico. If our government's not already on board, then everyone who tries to take advantage of that offer is fucked, because we just left the country without permission, and who fucking knows what they can do to us in retaliation with those fucking nanites.

So either way you're going to have to bring the government in on it if you want this shit to work out in our favour.
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Yeah, I think that's what's going to be in everyone's best interests.

Like the others are saying, you don't want to let ImPorts act independently when the situation's this fucking volatile. Offer to let the government utilize you to defend the US's allies in exchange for allowing ImPorts to seek asylum outside the country--I think that's a pretty good political compromise.

Uuuugh I hate that I'm saying that. Fuck this government, man.
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I know, man. I know. [This is sadly not his first time sitting on the sidelines of a war feeling helpless about it.]

It's a big fucking problem to solve, though. You can't do it alone and you can't do it neatly.

But don't let that stop you from trying.
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That is how shit typically gets done. I'm a scientist so I'm intimately familiar with that process.

[lots of tiny little stepping stones that might not seem that important on their own but then get combined to do something massive and incredible.

but at least in science you can usually see where the stepping stones are missing. where do you even start with this one?]

What does 'a little headway' even mean here though? What can we, as average individuals and not people inclined to play hero, do?
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Mm. [it's not a satisfying answer, but...] I guess so.
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While I understand your logic, I must warn you that a plan like this could escalate this war faster than anyone is prepared for. On the one hand, you're correct - it would give our allies an additional buffer of protection against the Russians. But on the other hand, Russia will likely see it as an act of international aggression on the part of the United States, and will respond to it as such. Instead of protecting our allies, we would be putting them in danger, danger we may not have the means to protect them against. While I'm not saying we should abandon this idea, it may be best to hold off for the time being, and only offer it if our allies ask what can be done to protect them.
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Re: voice;

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And that's actually fairly reasonable. To ask for their aid with nothing to offer in return is foolish. But we must be careful not to promise more than we can deliver, or else we'll put everyone involved in greater danger. I'm not telling you "no". I'm telling you to tread carefully.
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Not exactly. I work as a prosecuting attorney. I'm afraid this is my first real foray into international affairs.
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But you're working with a team, aren't you? Perhaps it might be best to discuss the wording of the deal with them, instead of making it yourself.
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It's nothing to be embarrassed about. After all, your teammate already told me about your plan... including your intent to gauge the community's interest. I did not mean to chide you, but rather to remind you of the resources you have available to you.
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i dont think we should get involved in the politics kid

preventing civilian casualties to the best of our ability is fine but offering protection preemptively is not gonna work
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your hearts in the right place
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i hope it works out for you dude i really do

if you run into trouble and need help give me a ring
ill be there asap
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[His voice is gentle, because this kid really means well.] going and helping in other countries is part of what got us in this mess, you know? I mean, I don't pretend to know much about politics, but they could see it as an invasion.
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You mean the, uh, diplomacy, right?

[He pauses for a thoughtful moment.]

...aren't the US and Mexico already allies? [He has no idea. He's realizing how much he should have paid attention already.]
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[Isaac can get behind that, at least.] you think they will?
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[Manolo sits near Max, a worried frown pulling at his face as he reads some of the responses on the network.

For security and practical reasons, the airport staff asked him to check his guitar as luggage, which means no way to burn off the nervous energy that comes with a day of flying in an airplane for the first time. Not surprisingly, he's taken to bouncing his leg without realizing it.]

...Wow, is this how it's gonna be?
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[As soon as Max touches his arm, Manolo finally tears his eyes away from the communicator, the unexpected comfort drawing a brief, tight-lipped smile from him.]

I can understand that. [Even if he doesn't personally relate to it, he's empathetic enough to realize why people might be iffy about publicly committing to their names to such a list. Of course, up until a few month ago, he didn't even have to give much thought to the finer points of international relations. Maybe he himself would say the same thing if he understood those sorts of politics better.] I just feel bad asking for their help without much to offer in return...
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[Manolo is used to accepting help from friends and family, but he has very little frame of reference for appealing to a whole assembly of strangers. He hopes Max is right in this case.

The loud rumbling is pretty unsettling. Each time a plane takes off, he finds himself tensing before reminding himself that this is a normal part of being inside an airport.]

Is it that obvious? [He still manages to laugh a bit.] We didn't really have airplanes lying around where I'm from. People just went everywhere on horseback, hahah. [He'd briefly ridden on a helicopter earlier this month, but that wasn't exactly a good memory.]
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[Manolo's raises his eyebrows at the helpful offer and explanation before plucking out a stick of gum for himself.] Thank you very much. I didn't know that!

[He studies Max for a moment, unable to hide his curiosity.] You sound like you speak from experience. [A grin.] Do you fly in airplanes a lot?
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[Manolo's face lights up at that.]

An archaeologist? Really? [That isn't the sort of profession women would be encouraged to go into back home, so it grabs his interest right away.] She sounds like an incredible woman. Juggling that kind of work with motherhood must be difficult.
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Doing something she loves and raising a kid. That definitely isn't something a lot of people get to experience at the same time!

[It's not something Manolo can say about himself, anyway. He'd spent most of his life training to become a bullfighter, his heart constantly pulled into two opposing directions until he'd finally, finally been forced to take a stand against harming an innocent animal. And as for having children of his own...well, that ship sailed months ago.

But instead of letting those morose thoughts consume him, he focuses his attention on Max for the time being.]

Why do you think she'd like it? Because of the advanced technology, or...?
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action; (cause I guess they're both at the airport lmao

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[Joaquin is chilling nearby. "Chilling" was more of what he thought he was doing. He was standing pretty stiffly to the side, knowing if he sat down his knee would be bouncing all over the place.

Still, he overhears Max's idea and has to admit he likes it.]

I'd definitely be interested. If they offer to help us and follow through then why shouldn't we give them the same in return?
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