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First Officer's Log, Stardate ????.1


[The video comes on and Jim Kirk is looking around at the screen, not focusing on the camera yet--he's examining the layout. His piercing blue eyes look even more vibrant because of the redness rimming them. He hasn't slept much the past couple of nights after getting there between stressing about what was happening right before he got pulled here and the poor sleep quality one associated with heavy drinking. Nightmares didn't help either. Kirk was not taking this well at all. His anger has faded by this point into restlessness and exhaustion and when his restlessness wasn't able to be channeled, his self-destructive habits tended to make a showing. He hasn't felt anywhere close to this in quite a while.

When he finally focuses on the screen itself and speaks, his voice is somewhat raspy, but he puts on a shadow of his usually bright smile. If you've seen him before, he definitely looks like hell.]

Hey. 'M new around here. Jim Kirk.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a library with or someone that has any texts on advanced quantum mechanics, let me know.

[It was something to do. If he could be pulled into this place, technology had to exist to get him back. He'd find it, and the first place to start was to see just how different the physics between this universe and his were.]

Also, anyone up for a spar? Or street fight, I don't care which.

[He knew he didn't want to try out his laser power, but his matter manipulation? He was interested in how he could use that in hand-to-hand. Plus he needed to blow off some steam in a way that wouldn't end in a hangover at some point. In fact, he'd welcome the physical exertion and pain. He pauses a little longer, thinking of how he wanted to phrase something, but in the end, scraps it.]

Let me know.

[He turns the feed off.]

[ooc: If anyone wants to interact with Jim his first night there at a bar drinking, check out his test drive thread here!. I will still be tagging it!]
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[haaaay did somebody say advanced quantum mechanics. he actually fails to recognize the name right off the bat, because lbr he has not watched star trek in at least 20 years and it is not on his mind.]

Bit of a brains and brawn type, are you? [He doesn't wait for an answer to that.] What are you looking for, specifically? I'm sure I can answer some of your questions, provided they're brief.

[like, he does have the books, buuut he also has his own corrections to the books.]
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Oh, is that all? Hang on a sec, I've already verified all that.

[He taps something out on another device offscreen, and in a couple seconds Kirk will start receiving a file containing, as promised, pretty much every major variable and equation available.

On closer examination it's actually framed as a comparison between what he could find for public consumption here, how he knows it in his own universe, and a set of experimental data. (And yes, some of that experimental data would definitely require a particle accelerator to find.) For the especially advanced concepts (aka stuff beyond the early 21st century), the names attached to the theorems may be different, but the science ought to check out.]

There you are. Did all the hard work for you.
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wait no come back 8^y

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[Yessss. Intellectual superiority: established. (Just gonna casually not mention that he only tested all this after screwing up a portal experiment and frying half the fuses on the block.)]

Qubit. [Like it says on his comm ID.] And you're welcome. So what's your interest, specifically? Just the "getting out of here" problem?