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001 | video

[ Holy jittercam, Batman. When the video feed clicks on, whoever's manning the communicator is moving it so quickly that at first it's difficult to see what's being filmed. After a couple seconds, the blur of colors settles into a skinny young girl, sprawled on her bed, lollipop stick poking out of her mouth. Judging by how smoothly the communicator's filming now, she must have set it down onto some kind of hard surface.

Brianna pops the lollipop out of her mouth in order to speak. ]

Hey, you. Yeah, you. You are so lucky, and I'll tell you why. You're in the presence of a bona fide superhero. "But Breeze!" I hear you saying, or typing, or whatever. "We're all superheroes!" Well, not really. Because I don't know about you, but since I got here I've been hearing people whining about how imPorts here don't want to fight crime. Blah, blah. I'm not here to shame anyone. Not all of us are up to that kind of life.

[ In goes the lollipop. Out comes the lollipop. ]

That's where I come in. I'm offering my services to help you out with whatever you need. Fight a baddie? I can do that. Deliver some vitally important message? You got it ASAP. Clean your messy room? I can get that done in about thirty seconds. All I ask for in return is a pair of size six sneakers, or some cash. I don't even care what they look like or what brand they are or how much you pay, as long as it's not a total rip-off.

[ She reaches for the camera again and after another dizzying second of jittercam, the video is pointing at a pair of the rattiest, most falling-apart shoes you've ever seen someone wear. ]

See, that? That's the one crappy thing about having super speed. [ Well, one of them, anyway. Brianna flips the communicator so it's aimed at her face again, then grins widely. ] So, yeah. I hope this can be the start of a wonderful business relationship.

[ A pause. ] Oh, right. And if anyone can tell me what a lifestyle advisor is supposed to do, that would be cool.

[ And then, signing off, she winks. ]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-02-10 08:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Try talking to Cisco Ramon about the shoes. I seem to recall he developed something friction-resistant for speedsters like yourself.
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Mm-hm. Could I ask you a favor, though?
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Just to stay out of trouble. Even if you're a superhero back home, you don't have to be one here. There are plenty of adults to take care of the bad guys. You, focus on being a child.

[... This is him trying not to be condescending. IS IT WORKING]
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[Gosh dammit he was hoping this would be another Mighty Max situation where the kid didn't actually want to fight. But this girl's one of THOSE, huh... Maybe she's just not paying attention because it's text. Have some video and have the MOST STERN AND DISAPPROVING FACE.]

No. You're a kid. This isn't a comic book, Brianna. It's not all fun and games and saving the world. It's a difficult and dangerous life, even for grown-ups. Things happen that you can't reverse. At least wait until your brain is fully developed before you go and make that kind of decision.