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In Which Three Attractive People Tell You To Join The Communists [video]

[ The video clicks on to three people, one front and center a waifish girl with vibrant eyes that many of you probably recognize-- Kitty Jones. Gregor, or as you might know him, Greg Vorthys, stands a bit behind and to the side, a tall figure in dark clothes with a grave cast to his expression and bearing. The third, Nicolas, a shorter man with a beard and fairly wild hair, stands off and behind to Kitty’s other side, where he’s fulfilling the stereotype of filling the room around them with smoke from the cigarette he currently has lit. The latter two of the three have noticeable Russian accents they make no attempt to hide. ]

I’ve got a question for all of you. And I want you to think about it. Really think about it, long and hard. Why are you fighting against the Soviets? Why are you fighting for America?

[ Gregor waits an appropriate pause and then speaks quietly, inviting you to listen closer. ] I've heard from some of you that it's for practicality. Convenience. I did it for that myself. It's frightening and disorienting when we first arrive here, and we depend on their charity.

[ The mention of charity elicits a scoff from Nicolas and he lowers his cigarette to add: ]

Nothing about what they do is charity. Is it charity to flood our veins with machines? A charity to say registration is a choice, when they already plan to hassle those who do not? When they tag and track you like a common beast? [ His words carry an honest enough anger to them. Why shouldn’t they? He’s always had the rage to spare, under his typically quiet demeanor. ] America knows nothing of charity. There are no other options, they already own us.

[ And Kitty nods firmly, fiercely, in agreement with all of this. ]

None of it is for us. None of it helps us. A lot of you, you think because you woke up in America, because they were the first ones to greet you and jam nanites into your system, you owe them something. Or ‘cause you came from some other version of America back home.

But the United States is nothing more than a load of exploiters. They’re nothing more than a lot of abusers. They trapped us and forced us to serve them. They neglected their own citizens in favor of flattering and entrapping us. So why are you talking about fighting back against the Soviets? Fight for them. This is our chance to be free of America’s stifling chains. It’s our chance to make a better future for this country. You all know how hollow and empty and exploitative Capitalism is, how social justice comes from equal treatment of all citizens. You know how violent America is, how they’ve suppressed dissent. How they’ve lied.

This is a chance to lead a better life. Why are you all risking your lives to fight against that? Out of loyalty to a country that’s abused us and lied to us? That’s stupid. We’ve decided to join in with the Soviets, and you ought to, as well.

[ Belatedly, Gregor tries to offer a more moderate view point. ] … At the very least, we must all recognize that neutrality is a luxury we have never had. Any pretense to it will have deep cost. Many of us that went as diplomatic envoys earlier this month saw how little the rest of the world cares for us, and how unwilling they are to provide us any sanction.

You must choose. We all must choose. And clearly-- right now-- strength and protection can be found with the Soviet Union alone. So, please, cast aside denial and acknowledge this reality. Join us.

[ Kitty nods firmly, then glances off at her compatriots. She reaches out to turn off the camera, then says, wanting to get the last word in so that they aren’t ending on Gregor’s civilized, moderate route - and you can be sure she’s grinning as she says it - ]

Down with Capitalism. Up with the people.

[ Kitty is in red for max Communism.
Gregor in Vorbarra gray.
Nicolas is blue but isn’t he always. ]
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[At the time this is posted, Qubit is sick and cranky and sleep-deprived and has no energy for arguing. But apparently he has plenty for gettin' mad at people on the internet.]

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize there were those of us who enjoy being tortured, dehumanised and crammed into underwater prison camps! By all means, have fun with that!
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How about you come over. I've got a spare bed, a bottle of nyquil, and some oj with your name on it.
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That's cold medicine you dolt, I haven't got a cold.

Also you couldn't PM me about this because??

[says he, also not PMing]
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And you need a nap, you dolt.
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Don't patronize me, Newt this is not the time
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You're telling me you're firing on all cylinders right now? I don't think you want to get into it with some brainwashed Russian groupies if you're not up to snuff. You might end up brainwashed too, dude.
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Oh do give me some credit. First off, me half delirious is still more coherent than 98% of everyone here. And second,

[There is no second, he hit send too early.]
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I'll be over in a minute
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Is that a rhetorical question? By comparison they treat us like bloody kings.
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By comparison. Pay attention. I don't endorse everything the US govt has tried to pull, either, their incompetence is what's got us into this mess in the first place. So don't give me that "with us or against us" tripe. Fact is, the USSR has already shown they're willing to imprison and torture imPorts without cause, and you are imbeciles to throw your lot in with them.
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[First of all how dare you call him an imbecile even though he called you one first-]

What did I just say about your all-or-nothing crap? You're evading the point! What the US could do at some nebulous point in the future is irrelevant when Soviet troops are actually doing it right now!

Don't you dare spout off about "social justice" when you won't even stand up for the most basic of human rights. You disgust me.
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Oh really. Go on then, name one time.

[He should probably not be continuing this argument, buuut he can't do much else at the moment.]
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[There's a pause.]

That's the Porter sending them back. There's evidence to support that. If you've got any going for your theory, then let's hear it.