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ALIGN 07 ☰ VIDEO; (backdated to Mar 5th)

[ Kid's been absent for the better part of the week in the wake of the Debrecen bombings. He didn't inform anyone of where he was going, but given the backdrop of his video feed, he's back in Maurtia Falls. He looks more than a little rumpled and dirty, as if he's been wearing his same suit the whole time (he has been). Nonetheless, he addresses the viewers levelly and calmly. ]

In response to the American government's bombing of Debrecen, in the murder of unaffiliated and undefended civilians, I went to Hungary to assist with the aid efforts. Needless to say, the Hungarian citizens were not pleased by my presence... there was a great deal of resistance to my helping, at times violent. Despite that, I was able to help recover some survivors.

[ Too few of them, though. That definitely explains some of the damage and traces of blood on his clothing... the injuries may have since healed, but the evidence they left doesn't evaporate. ]

I did this in full awareness that my actions would be deemed criminal by the US, and have contacted the proper authorities that I am awaiting their arrival for my arrest, which I do not intend to resist. But I want to make it clear that even benevolent aid efforts, when they are directed to those whom the US government considers enemies, is seen as the same crime as participating in an attack against them. That humanitarian efforts are a crime if they are not approved.

[ Kid's yellow, double-ringed eyes are glowing like coals. For all his outward calmness, this young godling is pissed. ]

My sentence will be temporary, but that doesn't change what I intend to do going forward. The Soviets may have provoked the initial reaction, but the US willingly chose to target primarily civilians. In good conscience, I can no longer support or tolerate their actions.


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[Guess who's got two thumbs and suddenly feels super guilty watching this. Because Qubit abruptly realizes he could have been there to help, but he was so tied to the idea of staying in the country and not getting arrested that it didn't cross his mind.

Something's got to change here.]

You did the right thing.
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Better alone than in bad company. Washington said that, I think.
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Is it? I'm surprised he'd have read that.

Don't mention it. It's good to be reminded what it means to stand up for one's principles.

[and then, private:]

Do let me know when you get out.
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Probably the latter, just to be sure. Hopefully I'll have something more concrete laid out by then.