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I'm in need of a car mechanic. Talented and very familiar with both dated and modern vehicles. Familiarity with hover technology preferred but not strictly necessary. I'd like to build a custom vehicle from the ground up, and have funds enough to cover both parts and labor, as well as a supplemental ability to assist in the design and construction process.

If interested, please contact me with a brief overview of your credentials for further information, thank you.
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You might want to get in touch with an Emmett Brown. He's said he was a hovercar mechanic before coming here.
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Of course - but it isn't my focus. Anyway, it'd take all the fun out of it if I just threw something together in half a minute. If you wanted something that easy, you'd have just gone to a dealership.
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That's fair. Now, I have to know, is Newt going to be handling the paint job?

[I mean considering how the man decorates his body, just imagine what he might do with the body of a car...]
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I'll have you know, he picked maroon. Vetoed my chalkboard paint idea.

[There was no chalkboard paint idea, actually]
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That's too bad. I was sort of hoping we'd get a Kaiju on the hood or somesuch.
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Hey, I'm saving that for MY car. I will not waste ALL the good ideas on Hermann's stuff.
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Oh, I stand corrected. Well, what about flames on the sides? That certainly wouldn't count as a good idea.
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Pity. Not even racing stripes?
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Fine, fine. You know I'm only poking fun, of course.

["jk lol"]

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"Hovercar mechanic"...yeah that's one way to put it.

Did he seriously retrofit it himself?
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What are you talking about? You know him?
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You mean YOU don't know Doc Brown?

Delorean? 88 mph? Clocktower? 1.21 gigawatts. Any of this ring a bell? Hellooo? McFly? Is anyone in there? THINK, McFly.
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[Best part is, he's also met McFly at this point and he still has no idea what you're talking about.]

You're free to start making sense anytime you feel like it, Newt.
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Seriously, have you never seen Back to the Future?
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... What, the one with the time car? Are you sure?

[If he has seen it, that would have been, like... when it came out. Certainly not recently enough to know it beyond "the one with the time car."]
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The "time car"? I fucking hate you. The time car. Like Doctor Who is the one with the Time Box (ok, it really is)

Yes. He's from the one with the time car.
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Lovely. So half my housemates are walking pop culture references, that's good to know. Maybe I ought to start watching television if this is going to keep happening.
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Lucky you. In so far as roommates go, I just got stuck boring ol Hermann.

Yes. Watch TV. You must do reeeeesearch.
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To be fair, you brought that on yourself.

[But... hm.]

So Emmett's the one who built the time machine... If that's the case, I can see why he'd want to keep it close to the vest. Suppose it explains all the clocks, though.
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I blame him.

Yeah, Doc built a time machine not once, but twice (second time YOUR Doc hasn't done yet, but he totally builds a timemachine train), likes clocks, super into Jules Verne. Are you going to call him Emmett? Because that's weird. Only Clara ever calls him Emmett. It's gonna take some getting used to. Is he okay with you calling him Emmett? Or did he leave off the Doc bit entirely?
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He left if off, so I assume he's fine with it. But... this is interesting, this has potential. If we could integrate his time machine with my Porter... I'd been playing with the idea already, but it was sort of moot considering I couldn't even get its primary function working.

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