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video ♔ I.D. reads 'Akito'

[ someone had been taking a break from the mentally exhausting work he had been doing (turning transdimensional theory into practical science is hard) by instead playing around with his shapeshifting.

of course it's while entertaining himself with doing Kaito impressions that Akito is suddenly hit with the answer to the question he's been struggling with for weeks. and so it's an unfamiliar-looking Akito that appears on the network, once he finishes pushing through the epiphany and past his limits. there's fresh blood under his nose, smeared halfway across his cheek and dotting the piece of paper he's holding, but he doesn't seem to notice.

he's way too focused on one thing in particular now: ]

Jii-chan, I need you to check over this for me! ...Or Hiro! Are you around?

[ he'd have filtered this if he wasn't so preoccupied, since he totally loves nerd input but this isn't something he meant for the general nerd populous.

but the more eagle-eyed nerds might be able to note that the paper he's holding is crammed full of what is most definitely some crazy advanced physics. ]
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[did somebody say crazy advanced physics

But also who is th- oh wait Akito's a shapeshifter isn't he, nevermind. And ... he's got blood all over his face. Probably should have noticed the blood first, really.]

Are you all right? Got a bit of a bloody nose there.
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["Oh you mean the intuitive aptit-" /backspace backspace backspace]

Ah, right. Well, don't forget to take care of yourself in the meantime. [Says this colossal hypocrite who frequently forgets to take care of himself in the name of science.]

What were you working on there, anyway? That's quantum, isn't it?
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[PING. Okay no Qubit don't get excited, there's no way he actually found one, what could he possibly find that you haven't been able to? After all, he's just a kid... a kid with... a literally supernatural ability to learn...]

Is that so? I've been working on the same thing for a while. Do you mind if I have a look at it?
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"Jii-chan," that's Callaghan? [Considering Callaghan is a guy who's worked with multi-dimensional portals and also the only other one who responded so far...] All right. I happen to be an expert on multi-dimensional portal theory, so I should be able to fill in any holes they leave behind.

If it does work, it could be just the breakthrough we're looking for.

[A way to circumvent the Porter... Man, does he want it to work. And, uh, also to be different from the stuff he already knows about stabilizing portals.]
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You know, I'd settle for that. I'd prefer a way home, obviously, but I'd settle for that.