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[video] pull point plot - aged-down Newt & Hermann

[His hair still looks like he's just woken up from being passed out on someone else's sofa, but it's shorter, spikier. Instead of his usual perpetual five-o'clock-shadow, Newt now sports a beard with mustache, scruffy, not terribly well-groomed, like he's a college student. This younger version of Newton Geiszler is anywhere from 5-10 years younger by appearances. He's in better shape--if only because a body in its mid-twenties deals with a poor diet of too much caffeine and sugar differently than a body in its mid-thirties--and though his tattoo sleeves are complete, most of the rest of his tattoos have not yet even been conceived.

He holds the phone. Judging from the slight wobble of the camera, his foot is probably jiggling off screen, tapping with uncontained energy. Behind him are chalk-board walls with the remnants of what had once been a drawing/erasing war.]

Hey, so whoever did the rooming assignments? ...Can suck it. Anyone out there looking for a place to stay? --Because I'm about to kick out my roommate and so I've got an extra bedroom--

[The butt of a cane comes into view suddenly, cutting across the feed like it's capable of physically cancelling out the offer. A familiar British growl is audible moments before a much younger-looking Hermann Gottlieb (or is it Miles?) edges into view]

You most certainly do not. Obviously this apartment has been modified to my own specifications. Therefore, if either of us is getting kicked out, it's going to be you.

[He reclaims his cane and stands straighter, sniffing] Best of luck finding anyone else to put up with your awful habits.

Your speci- Just because there's obnoxiously dusty walls doesn't mean you get to call dibs. We've already established: that was MY handwriting.

[With a flip of the wrist, Newt raises his hand at Hermann but does not look at him. Talk to the hand. Then, to the camera:] So please forward any and all applications to Newt Geiszler-- [Pause, then with exaggerated saccharine and a mocking expression:] Hermann, be a dear and go find out what address we're at, hmmmm?

Sod off.

[Hermann looks at the camera, does a double-take and jerks back] You're recording this drivel? Unbelievable-

[He leans in, abruptly snatching the device] I am absolutely not going anywhere.

Like hell I'm living with yo-WHAT THE!!! [The feed ends.]
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[And here Qubit was all set to be entertained. Any post involving Newt or Hermann is bound to be a treat on some level. But this... what even is this. It's their comm tags, it's their voices, their faces, their bickering, and yet something's wrong. It takes him a few seconds to realize how much younger they look.]

Newt? Hermann? What on Earth is the matter with you?
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Doctor Gottlieb, if you don't mind. [Snapped like he better not mind or else]

As for what is wrong, well try working with Dr. Geizsler for a start.
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[Okay yeah seriously what's going on here, he stopped calling Hermann "Doctor" like six months ago.]

I have. You should know that. There's more going on here. I thought you'd gotten that out of your system a dec-

[DING lightbulb.]

... a decade ago. Wait a second, Hermann, what year is it?
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It's Qubit. [You know, like it says on his comm tag.]

And no, I'm here trying to figure out why two of my friends are suddenly at each other's throats.
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[He just ignores the stuff about the name - obviously it's not the name he was born with, but there's no point encouraging that line of questioning. Newt's hard to block, he's better deflected.]

Well, he's saying the same about you, so let's just accept both of those as givens and move on. Do you not remember anything about the last eight months?