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video ♔ pull-point bandwagon

Um... I was reading a lot, to make this, ah, situation less confusing...

So... That is...

It's still really confusing.

But... Time and space are related, and lots of people here are not in the right space anymore? Like how I was on my way to Shinjuku, but now am in Florida... [ he fidgets with the hem of his shirt (big for him, but not too big) uncertainly. ] Something weird has also happened with time, I think... Like it got all bent up? Because this isn't the right year, and the Cold War ended a long time ago...

[ fidget fidget. what a shy and awkward 'five'-year-old. ]

...Doctor, if this is a test, could I... Can I have the parameters for it, please?

[ then, even more hesitantly and directed to the network at large: ]

Ah... I- There's a dog here. I think he's supposed to be mine... But I'm only small, and never met a dog before... So is there anyone who could, um, tell me how to take care of him?

[ he's about to end the feed there, but then remembers something very important! ]

Thank you!
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-31 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[What the... Akito, too??? How many people have been affected by this?

... Geez, he's tiny.]

Akito, uh... [Ugh, he's no good at dumbing things down for kids. Well, maybe he won't have to with this one, though.] Space and time are the same thing, actually, but that's beside the point. How old are you right now?
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[Visibly surprised at that. He may not be the best judge of ages but he's pretty sure one-year-olds are a lot smaller than that.]

You don't know who you- One? Are we talking Earth years, here?
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Ah... no, of course. Sorry.

[So... accelerated maturation, or something like that. Wouldn't be the first time he's encountered it, and goes hand in hand with the questions about doctors and testing...

You know, suddenly he's really worried about this kid.]

Are you at home? Is there somebody who can look after you?
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[Oh no child D: ]

No, I mean... in this world. You're someplace safe?
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[wryly] ... So long as it's not a chihuahua, I suppose.

[He sighs.] It seems as if time's gotten messed up for a bunch of people. You're not the only one. The you I'm acquainted with is a good deal older, for a start. But I'm trying to get to the bottom of it.