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three ✩ audio | id reads "karen starr"

[ It's not particularly noisy wherever Karen is. There's a lot of heavy footsteps and movement where she is, some chatting in the background that fades as she moves along.

Somewhat flatly: ]

You ever get one of those weird feelings in the pit of your stomach? The kind where you get the sense something is amiss? I mean, I assume lots of people do.

[ Guess who got a bad feeling when she found herself in the Porter lab without warning? ]

On top of losing about a week and some, I have to admit I did do a double-take looking at the network just now. It is April Fools, so I had to wonder if this was some elaborate prank people were in on until I did some back-reading and realized something's gone awry with imPorts again.

[ There's just a sigh from her. A quiet, but long and exasperated one. ]

So... do we know who or what did this? Somebody please tell me my employees at Starrware still have their minds. Or ages? I have no idea.

Also I hope somebody's been feeding my cat while I've been gone.
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Ah - Karen. I was wondering where you'd got to. We're all fine here, I think.

[Qubit's busily working on something in his lab (so what else is new), complete with weird techy goggles that he doesn't remove yet.]

I'm trying to get to the bottom of it as we speak. The Doctor's right, it's definitely a temporal displacement thing, but I don't think the Porter's involved. The energy signature's all wrong.
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Only a small-scale one. I admit, I was worried you might have been affected, too. Someone I know got reverted to age one, if you can believe it. [Granted, Akito looks closer to five and he's at least smart enough to be ten, but at the moment Qubit's running with the theory that he's a clone or something.]

Naturally I have. I've narrowed it down to the East Coast - [he holds up the thing he was working on, briefly] - which doesn't really tell us what caused it, of course, but I'm starting to think it wasn't intentional.