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What are your experiences with the law, here and at home? Is this system similar or different from the one you had where you're from, and how so?

Do you believe the system here is better or worse empowered to protect its citizens? To what extent should it have such power in the first place?

I was a detective, back home, so I'm interested in people's opinions of this country's legal system
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That's a broad question. I assume you're referring mainly to criminal law, though?
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[Its current one... One moment, he's just gonna scroll up and check out the definitions Kogami's given to other people. And wow yeah that's....... "radically different" is a generous way of putting it. "Dystopian anime bullshit" sounds much more accurate.]

Ah. I'm afraid any discrepancies from my world are going to sound positively mundane compared to 24/7 psychic surveillance.
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[But it sounds so terrible. Then again, let's be real, it's not Kogami's fault the system is made that way (probably). Getting up in arms about it isn't going to help this discussion.]

I suppose you've a point there. Very well, then.

My Earth has a lot in common with this one up until 30-odd years ago, local reckoning. It's one of those where the Cold War ended on time and cars still have tires and all that. We have got people with superpowers, though. I can't say with any certainty how long we've actually been around - there's been no shortage of theories, believe you me - but the first one to go public as a superhero was in 2004, and since then we've sort of been coming out of the woodwork.

As of '09, we haven't been around long enough for the law to know what to do with us, frankly. All the same laws apply to us as to anyone else, of course, but enforcing them is another game entirely. So while vigilantism is still technically illegal most places, it's usually been seen as a necessary evil. After all, how do you arrest someone who can dissolve the handcuffs, or teleport, or level cities by looking at them funny?

Not to say they didn't try, of course, but without power nulls at their disposal there wasn't an awful lot they could do. So when someone needed to take in a supervillain, or repel an alien invasion or somesuch, that was up to teams like mine.
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no it's fine tho

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Not to my knowledge, no. For one, the police don't have the power to conscript. (I don't know if that's the case in your world.) For another, the vast majority of us operate under pseudonyms, usually to protect friends and family, which, as you might imagine, complicates the background check. Thirdly, our enemies don't have their hands tied with red tape, so it follows that neither should we.

And, most importantly, no governing institution should have that kind of power at its disposal. The potential for abuse is too high. That's where you get things like... well, like Orwellian thought police.
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[That all hits close to home. When the Plutonian turned, it was true, no one had been able to stop him. Within a week he'd left the United States without any federal government whatsoever. Survivor was the only one who'd been able to stand up to him, but... Cary wasn't blind. He'd seen the power vacuum, and Qubit had seen enough of his thoughts to realize he planned to take full advantage of it. All that the rest of the world had was an increasingly desperate succession of doomsday contingencies. Orian, the Eleos... Both of them, Pyrrhic final solutions. The only way humanity could defeat a superhero alone was by burning the planet down around all their ears.

There's a longer pause before Qubit's response this time.]

... I never said our situation was ideal, either. But it's as you say.

[In the post-Plutonian world, there would need to be changes. He knows that. But what, precisely?]

Not everyone gifted with superpowers can be trusted to use them responsibly. Even among those of us who try. Believe me, I'm well aware of that.

But there's got to be some solution that does more good than harm, hasn't there? Something that doesn't burn down the house to roast the pig.
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