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[Whoops, it's Komasan.]

Yesterday was Mother's Day, d-did you all see that, zura? First there was Children's Day, now this one, there's so many thoughtful holidays, zuraa~ I... I hope there's more coming up soon, d-do you think there's a youkai day? ...Or maybe just a dog day, zura? Oh, or maybe a big brother day, zura...

[He gives a long, dreamy sigh.]

I'm still learning all these monge~ holidays, I never knew there were THIS many, zura! I'll have to tell my Ma when I get back, I bet she'll really like to hear all about it, zura. I hope you get to tell all your mothers too, zura.

I have to get ready for the next one,, which one do you think it's gonna be, zura?
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Memorial Day's the next big one, I think. At least in the US.
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okok voice

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It's a day of remembrance for fallen soldiers. Also, a three-day weekend and a sort of unofficial start for summer, but I'm guessing they're going to go heavier on the patriotism with a war on and all.
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lmfao fair point

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Is that how that works? [He sounds a little pensive. Spoiler alert: in his canon the afterlife is a very real place and also it's terrifying and madness-inducing and you pretty much aren't getting out of there without Kaidan's help.] Maybe so. Hope it's the good sort of youkai, anyway.
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Well, more to the point, most of them wouldn't know what a youkai is. In the West you see more of a preference for angels.
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[Chuckles.] They could be. Who knows? [NOT THIS GUY, that's for damn sure. He does not pretend to be an expert on spiritual matters.]